What Would Happen If You Stopped Discrediting Your Talents?

You have natural talents. Yes, you! You’re discrediting them your talents right now by denying them. You have things that come naturally easy to you that may seem like nothing.

Realize that it’s easy for you but not to others. Success does not need to be hard, my friend. It’s time you capitalize on your natural talents.

How You’re Discrediting Your Talents

You discredit your talents on daily because they come so easily to you. Oh, this blouse. Anyone can sew this blouse. It’s easy. Alright tell that to someone with no sewing skills or patience to thread a needle.

what's your natural talent discrediting your talents
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You write 2000 words daily! I mean yeah, but anyone can do it. I’ve been writing for a while. That’s why.

Stop it! You’re disgusting me. Trying to be humble or you really just don’t see your talent. I don’t know.

But what I do know is this: you are discrediting your talent. You are downplaying the very skills that can help you be successful.

Just because its easy for you to put together a presentation with an amazing speech to go with it doesn’t mean everyone can do it.

Realize that you were gifted with a talent. It is a talent because it comes naturally. It doesn’t matter how small and unimportant that talent may seem. Someone out there envies you for your ability to sing on key and hold it.

Be proud of your talents and be confident. I’m not saying to be conceded. But don’t downplay your talent to make others feel better. Everyone has a talent.

I’m sure there is something that your best friend can do that you wish you could do. And you wouldn’t be offended if they said, I’m good at painting. Because it’s literally a fact of life.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Discrediting Your Talents

why you shouldn't be discrediting your talents
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So, what’s the harm in discrediting your talents? You get hurt. You suffer. I’m only out here trying to save you.

You get so used to downplaying your talents that when it comes to interviews, you stumble. The question what are your strengths and weaknesses gives you goosebumps. And not in a good way either.

You know your weaknesses. You have tons of those but that’ll make you look bad. What are your strengths? Maybe you should write them down for moments like these.

Knowing your talents allows you to easily find success. All your life people told you success was a hard and long journey. Well, you can make it easier by following your natural talents.

You lose track of time once you start writing. You’re out there smiling and laughing to yourself as you lose yourself in your writing. You look like a maniac. But you’re a happy maniac. You can easily write all day and work doesn’t seem like work.

Allow yourself to actually be good at something. By discrediting yourself out loud you are preventing yourself from being good at something. You are holding yourself back. In order to be successful, you need to allow yourself to succeed. You can’t be the one limiting yourself.

But what if you fail at what you said you were good at? Everyone fails. Even the people who are good at things fail. Discrediting your talents have been your crutch. It allows you to fail without responsibility or major implications.

But you are lying to yourself and others. Yes, failing sucks but it happens to everyone. It doesn’t make you any less good at what you said you were good at. Just get back up and try again.

How to Capitalize on Your Talent

you're discrediting your talents
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Rule number 1, admit to yourself that you have talent.

Even if you don’t know what your talent is because you’ve blocked it out for so long, admit it. Tell yourself, “I have talent.”

Rule number 2, find your talent.

This is for those of you who do not know what their talent is. What do people admire you for? Ask them what you are good at. Maybe you are a good communicator and you can get information across to others easily.

Rule number 3, Do you like what you’re good at?

Well, this is more like a question. But ask yourself that. Because you can be good at something you don’t necessarily like.  Yeah, you’re a good communicator but you don’t really like interacting with people too much.

What else are you good at? Is there another way you can use your communication skill that you are not looking at?

Rule number 4, find a way to use your talent to your advantage.

So, you don’t like communicating directly with people. But those times where you were able to give speeches to a group of people gave you an adrenaline rush.

You enjoyed the feeling of giving people advice and helping them understand. You were able to reach more people than on an individual level and the audience was very appreciative.

That’s it! Maybe you can do speaking engagements. People make a living from that. You even get to travel.

Rule number 5, make it happen.

Now that you’ve found a way to capitalize on your talent. Make it happen. Yes, that means you are going to be brave and take that leap. Start looking at speaking engagement opportunities.

Start with the people you know. Your friend is having an event next month, maybe you can talk to her about possibly speaking at her event.

Rule number 6, don’t be discouraged by failures.

Find another way. So, next month’s event is booked. But your friend has a lot of events, so you ask for a future event and she says yes. She also said, “It’s about time you started speaking at events. You’re really good at it.” And that just made you glow. 

What I’m trying to say is…

stop discrediting your talents and embrace you talents
Photo by Malcolm Garret on Pexels.com

Stop discrediting your talent! You were gifted a talent for a reason. Your talent is there so you can work without ever having to work in a day.

Success wants to follow you but it can’t. You are blocking your success by denying the fact that you have a talent. Admit that you are talented and go for it! If you stopped discrediting your talent, success would follow and so would fulfillment.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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2 thoughts on “What Would Happen If You Stopped Discrediting Your Talents?

  1. Amazing post! I need to write a list of my strengths I think that’s such a great idea. I habitually undermine my talents from time to time but like you said I have to allow myself to be successful and be confident in my talents. 🌷


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