Conquer Your Fear of Failure

Fear of failure, it’s pretty self-explanatory, right? I mean who hasn’t feared failure before? We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t fear failure at least once in our lives.

But how does being successful relate to fear of failure? What makes you different from highly successful people? They know how to spin their failures into something useful. They can get past their failures.

What if Steve Jobs stopped after his failures? Or J.K. Rowling stopped writing after being rejected so many times?

We would have no Apple products. We would have no Harry Potter books. In fact, J.K. Rowling might still be homeless right now. This is why you’ll hear them say so many times to conquer your fear of failure.

Failure is what divides the successful from the unsuccessful. Apparently, you just need to get over it and keep going? Doesn’t that just annoy you? Like failure is so easy! Just like that! You can get over it.

It would not be called failure if it always led to success. What do Succcessful people know that you don’t? You were never taught how to fail. You were told to aim for the stars and reach it.

They never taught you how to crash to the ground and get back up with broken limbs. You were taught perfectionism. So, when you failed, you never tried again. That’s basic human logic!

You touch the burning stove. You learn your lesson, and you never do it again, right? Apparently, that is not the full lesson.

Why would you ever touch the stove again? It’s hot. It hurts. Okay, but how does that apply to failure? Did you ever stop to think about why you failed?

I don’t mean agonizing over all the things you did wrong. I mean: did you fix your mistakes and try again? What if you tried again? This time you jumped to reach for the stars, but you made a rocket and padded your knees.

It’s time that you conquer your fear of failure. I know, easier said than done. I’m convincing both you and me right now. I have a whole list of fears that I am going to conquer. I’m encouraging you to start crossing fears of your list too.

Today’s fear is failure. Failure is keeping you stagnant. The fear of failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you fear failure and all you think about is the possibility of failure, guess what you are going to do? Fail!

You’re so busy thinking of ways to fail that you’re not thinking about the ways to succeed in front of you. Who cares if you fail? You are the only one beating yourself up about it. If you fail, others have failed too.

But what if you succeed? You’ll never know until you try.

Fear of failure shows up in many forms:

Learn how your fear takes form and beat it.

I know you often wonder how one transcends to that level in life? Loving failure more than success. Using your failures as life-learning lessons that propel you towards success. Failure can make you stronger and more resilient, or it can shatter you into a million pieces.

So, how are you conquering failure?

Do you just fail so many times that you eventually start to pick life lessons up from them? I doubt it. But here are some conscious ways to be proactive and take control of your fear of failure.

  • You can look at all the potential outcomes. Yes, I know that sounds dangerous. Look at all the ways you can fail! Insert Sarcastic voice here. But you forget that this also means to look at all the ways you can succeed.
  • Look at the worst-case scenario and realize that it’s not the end of the world. Someone will still love and support you at the end of the day. Your failure does not define you.
  • Make a plan B if Plan A doesn’t work out. Look at it this way, you are a corporation. Corporations always have more than one plan. Think of yourself as You, Incorporated.
  • Set goals. Remember those small goals are harder to fail. So turn your large goals into baby goals.

Look failure in the eye and tell him, not today! I am not the one! Turn your downfalls into life lessons and move on! Don’t bathe in your failures forever! Soon enough, you will find yourself conquering your fear of failure.

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