The Comparison Game, Stop Being Jealous

The Comparison Game Pin Shika's College Lifestyle Blog

Stop being jealous. We often hear comparison is the thief of joy. But, you are not even in the same league. You should only compete with yourself.

Easier said than done right? We all have found ourselves jealous of someone at one point in our lives. It’s only natural. We are human.

Even if you’re genuinely proud of your friend, there’s still that nagging little voice in your head that turns their victory into something negative towards you. We’ve all been there. Here’s how you disregard that raging little green-eyed monster and move on.

Everyone says you need to be in competition with yourself and to stop worrying about others. But they never tell you how to do it. You can’t just stop.

You’ve been comparing yourself with others and shoving jealousy down a deep dark hatch for many years. You can’t just stop now, even if you wanted to. Jealousy is normal. I will say that.

You just can’t let it take over your life and your views.

Stop comparing yourself with others.

Part of the reason you’re jealous is that on some level of subconsciousness, you are comparing yourself to your best friend.

Yes, you started school at the same time but, you forgot that your paths split in college. You both chose different majors. She chose the finance path so she ended a little sooner. You choose medical school. You knew she would start making money before you graduated.

These are completely different paths.

Realize that you are not the same.

You have different obstacles and versions of success. Realize that you are an individual. You are unique.

There is no one path towards your goal. As convoluted as your path may seem, you can still get to the place you need to get. It may take you five years or ten years but, you can still be CEO. A CEO is a CEO.

No one will look down on you because you took 10 years instead of 5 years to become a CEO. People will still admire you because of your endpoint, not how you got there. And not everyone is cut out for that cookie-cutter path.

Keep in mind, that you may not fit the traditional mold and be proud! You’re different in a good way.

Lastly, know that you do not know the whole story of what it took your friend to get where they are. Yes, you may be close but, that does not mean you know everything about their lives.

They could have worked extra hours to get money to fund their new self-started business. They might have had many sleepless nights and mental breakdowns before they reached where they were.

Do not just look at the fact that they are younger than you and seem to be more successful. Take their victory as your victory. You might have helped them in some way. You can also learn from them too. Just think of it as more help or a new advantage point to your support system on your path to your version of success.

Jealousy will not go away forever, but you can transform it.

Your former classmate was able to start a successful business in a similar field. That should have been you! They started their business after you!

It’s only been 2 years! Realize that your jealousy is you playing the comparison game on some level of your subconscious and use their victory as a learning opportunity for yourself.

Re-connect with them! Become their mentee! Ask them to help you to get your business off the ground! Ask if you can shadow their business for a day!

You can turn their victory into a victory for yourself too! Realize that their victory gives you a closer look into success for your business. Look at the positive in this situation. You don’t have to go to a stranger to learn.

You know someone closer and more accessible who can help you! Once you start following these tips, you can stop worrying about others. You stop creating imaginary rivals and you can compete with yourself!

Worry about what you’re doing! You got 400 views on your blog? Try and get 500 next month. You ran 2 miles last month? Try and run 3 miles! The only person you can compare yourself with is you.

Everyone else has different advantages and disadvantages that make comparisons between them irrational. So, don’t just compare what you see on the outside.

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The Comparison Game Pin Shika's College Lifestyle Blog

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