How To Leverage Confidence To Your Benefit Even If You Have No Confidence

Ever wonder how someone got where they are today, especially, if you feel like you could do better? The answer is in the confidence.

You wouldn’t want a doctor who thought his skills were just okay to perform your urgent surgery. Confidence in yourself and your abilities make people trust you. If you can use that as a leverage, you can be successful. Find out to leverage your confidence even if you believe you have no confidence.

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Before I get started, let’s get this straight. When I say confidence, I mean you can still be humble. You can be humble without downplaying your skills. You can be confident without being obnoxiously arrogant too. No one likes the obnoxiously arrogant person who always overestimates and oversells their own skills. That is not what we are doing over here. I do not condone that. But, back to our weekly scheduled blog post.

I was once asked by a friend how to be confident and it just stumped me because:

1) I did not think I was confident and,

2) It was just something you were, right?

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Well, I was wrong. You can become confident. It took you a while to become unsure of yourself through many years of conditioning from others and personal experiences. You were confident as a child and your grew out of it. You can grow back into it with these steps.

How To Gain Confidence: The Abbreviated Guide

  • Dress for the part. If you look good, you feel good. The colors you wear can also affect your mood and the way you present yourself. Bright colors lead to brighter and happier moods.
  • Fake it until you make it. Act the part that you want to be. Act the level you want to achieve now so, it’s easier later. If you want to be the CEO, act like the CEO. Be a leader and a visionary in your current area in life.
  • Let go of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are a real confidence killer. Especially, when those negative thoughts come from yourself and your limiting beliefs. Read more about limiting beliefs and how it can hurt you here.
  • Stand tall. Standing tall with correct posture automatically makes you look and feel more confident.
  • Keep up with your field. Know one can tell you anything if you know your field well. Stay up-to-date with current knowledge and build on your old knowledge. Most people are confident about the things that they know well.

The Best Places to Leverage Your Confidence

  • Interviews
  • On Your Job
  • Internships
  • Just in everyday life

How to Leverage that Confidence

Now that we know how to gain some confidence and where to use it. How do we do it on the spot?

At interviews

Your interview begins before you even walk through the door so, smile, stand tall, and act like you want to be there. Do some research about the company or school so you know what they are about.

On Your Job

This is the hard part. You have to be there everyday and some days will be better than others. Try to make sure that most days you show confidence so, that when people look back on their memories of you, that’s all they remember. Be positive and let go of negative thoughts about where you can and can’t go in your job. You can get a promotion, so act like it!


They say treat everyday like an interview. Even if you do not want to end up at that specific site, be cognizant that people know people. If you do well on your internship, you can get a good recommendation to the site you want. People tend to trust and value confident workers. Confident workers know what they are doing. Try and learn as much as you can on the internship, so you can increase your confidence and expertise.

Everyday Life

Combine all the tips and you can be confident in everyday life. Be positive; challenge negative thoughts. Stand or sit tall. It’s good for your physical and mental health. Fake it until you make it. No one is confident all the time. We all were beginners at one point.

There are a lot of people out here faking their confidence. If you feel awkward at first, remember that you are not the only one. Then, treat yourself for a job well done. Stay humble but, do not downplay your abilities. If you are good at something, that’s just a fact. It is not always about bragging.

I hope you are on your way to becoming a confident person. Remember, practice makes perfect! Confidence will not come starting from day one and it might feel awkward at first. Don’t be afraid of letting people know what you can do because it will only help to get you where you want to go.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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    1. Yeah. That is hard to handle because many people assume being humble is bringing yourself down for others when that is really not the case. Confidence is being truthful about your ability but also giving others a chance to shine given the opportunity.

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