Everybody’s An Expert

Have you ever thought that you may just be an expert at something? Well, you are. You just haven’t realized it yet. It’s time to tap into your potential. I was scrolling through Great Reads on Kindle, I have a $1.20 credit that expires in January, and I realized something.

Anyone can be an expert. I mean I heard it before but, browsing through these kindle book selections really made that concept hit me hard. So, while I didn’t find a book to use my credit on, I did get some inspiration and a new outlook on the definition of an expert.

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I know you are wondering how this epiphany occurred from just browsing aimlessly through books. But, I’ll get there. This epiphany has been building up slowly over about a month I would say.

Over the past month, I have discovered freelancing as a solution to some of my problems. Well, it’s not a solution yet because I have not exactly been hired by anyone and I have no clients but, that is not the point. With my solution, I ran into another problem. Everyone wants an expert! I’m not an expert, yet!

Sure, I write and post blogs twice a week for my own blog. But, who sees it? Sure, I can crank out a 3000-word blog like it’s nothing. But, I’m not an expert! Just because I do not have clients to write for or guest blog for people amazing website, does not mean that I am not a decent experienced writer or even a great writer.

I have been writing long essays, papers, stories, and poems since I was in elementary school. I wrote 4000-word research papers in high school. I also did literary analysis papers. I can definitely write something. Why am I self-sabotaging myself? I could create a portfolio to showcase my skills and work. This is my skill. This is my work. Just because I am my own client does not make the experience any less valid.

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But, back to the main story. I’m browsing, scrolling through my phone and I see so many books. I read the titles and these people are confident, like really confident, throw-away-your-previous-knowledge-and-listen-to-me confident. But, you look at their author profile and there is no picture of them, no credentials, just personal experience. I have a ton of that! I can publish my own e-book!

People are actually making people pay for a book with 36 pages! Here I am suffering to try to create book ideas that will have a decent amount of pages. Quality over quantity, I guess. But, some of these books barely have quality. If they can be self-proclaimed experts, so can we!

I am an expert. I do research. I keep up with developments in the subjects that I am interested in. Why can’t I advertise myself as an expert? I know I am not the only one out here creating high standards for an expert when all it really takes is some confidence and the ability to continue to learn and improve yourself.

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I am an expert and so are you! What do people ask your opinion on the most? What are you always reading about? What can you passionately rant about for hours? If you know what it is, that is your expertise. Don’t let the fact that you do not have a Ph.D. or some crazy fancy certification stop you from being an expert. You can always work on that later but, don’t let it stop you from going for your goals.

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Certify yourself now because you will always be adding on to what you think it takes to actually become an expert in the field. Sometimes personal experience can be better than a theory from a book. I am not telling you to go treat people for medical conditions and psychological problems because you surely need a license for that but, you all get what I mean.

Certify yourself as a blogger, fiction writer, programmer, web designer, translator, designer or, whatever your passion may be! Be confident in yourself and your skill set! Some of us have been doing these skills for years and still rank ourselves as beginners. Just because you weren’t paid for it, doesn’t mean it does not count. 

Thanks for reading my rant!

Expert Wordsmith

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