It’s Time You Change the Story You Tell Yourself About Your Abilities

I just passed 300 Followers! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so glad to have all of your support! Now, back to today’s scheduled program. It’s time you change the story you tell yourself about your abilities.

What do I mean? Stop telling yourself what you can and cannot do (mostly cannot do) all the time.

You’re almost as bad as your haters. You keep imposing these limitations on yourself. How are you going to ever succeed if you continue on at this rate?

You wonder why everyone else around you keeps succeeding in life. You wonder why they’re all going on to do bigger and better things while you’re stuck in their dust. But you are stifling your own progress.

You keep telling yourself the same old story about your abilities. You can’t do that. That’s not possible. But have you tried?

Or are you just prematurely resigning yourself to failure? That is the difference between you and them. And by them, I mean the successful.

You need to tell yourself a different story. Change it up. Then, you might just be on your way to actually getting clients with your freelance work.

You see so many success stories out there and wonder why you’re not one of them. I’m telling you that you can be a success story too.

Just change the story you tell yourself about your abilities. Harder than it sounds? I’m here to help you.

What are you telling yourself about your abilities?

what is the story you tell yourself about your abilities
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You are telling yourself the stereotypical self-doubter’s story. You can’t just cold-call someone to sell your services! That’s weird and awkward!

No, you’re being weird and awkward! There are people out there who cold-call you every day. You get calls from scam likely every day.

Okay, so maybe not a great example. People have caller ID these days. They may not answer your call. But now there’s also a thing called cold-emailing.

You can message people on LinkedIn. Don’t create a barrier for yourself where there isn’t one. You are creating a story filled with obstacles. You can’t be successful because of X, Y, and Z.

Realize there are people who were at a worse position than you that could make things happen. I am not trying to shame you or humiliate you. I simply want to inspire you.

I’m telling you that you can make anything that you truly desire happen. Especially, if you truly enjoy what you have chosen to go after.

I can’t guarantee anything if you are out there selling quirky umbrellas. And by the way, you absolutely hate umbrellas. Every little thing that goes wrong, you’ll want to leave.

However, if you love quirky umbrellas, you’ll make it happen. Because you know that there are other lovers of quirky umbrellas that you want to share your collection with. You would do anything to get those umbrellas out to the world regardless of what it took.

You may also be telling yourself that your quirky umbrella business is not going to work. Solely based on the fact that the quirky umbrella market never took off.

In fact, your uncle had a quirky umbrella business that failed back in 1996. Um, okay. So, what? And you’re you.

It was a different time and a different person. You are not your uncle. The market in 1996 was different than the market now. People are into all types of crazy things.

I’m sure your umbrellas are not the craziest things people have seen. Someone is out there making millions off of belts. Just belts. Think about it.

People also make millions off of candles. You can sell umbrellas. Just find the right audience. Also, remember that chia pets were a thing at one point in time.

How does it hurt you?

does changing changing your mindset hurt you
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Does it hurt you to try? I’m not talking about investing in the start of an umbrella company. I’m talking about your mindset.

Does it hurt you to try to change the story you tell yourself about your abilities? It’s going to take a change in your mindset.

There’s just something about changing your mindset that scares people. Because you fear that you will find out that your whole life has been a lie.

You’ll then lose your identity because all your life was built your was up around this one story. You are not a salesperson. You are not bold enough to be an owner of a business.

Who told you that? How do you know that’s true? You don’t.

And if you are not a sales person, the most you will get is some no’s. But you might get some yeses.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money in buying umbrellas first. You could just gauge the market and do some research first. Dip your toe in before throwing yourself into the river.

What do you need to be doing?

How to change the story you tell yourself about your abilities
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Changing your mindset is not an easy task. There are some mindsets that have been rooted in your brain for a long time.

They have been built over time so, it will take some time to change the way you think. But, it’s easy to start.

First, be cognizant of your thoughts.

Realize when you are just making excuses. And learn when you are actually telling yourself the truth. You can do this by questioning your decisions about your ability to do things.

You can start with simple things if the big issues scare you. For example, you say that you can’t skate.

Do you really have a hard time with balance, are you embarrassed, or did you never learn? Because there is a difference between all of them.

There’s also the factor of, “Do you want to?”

That is actually the most important part. Because if you want to you can work on your balance, get lessons in secret, or learn how to skate for the first time.

When you are telling yourself these stories about what you can and cannot do. You have to ask yourself, “Do I really want to do this?” Because that will be a huge tell about why you think the way you do.

So, how does changing the way you think about your abilities benefit you?

How does changing your story benefit you
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It gets you out of paralysis. You can finally start taking action.

If you know that the reason why you haven’t started that umbrella business is because you were applying your uncle’s experience to yourself, you may actually get started on that business.

Because you realize that you are not your uncle and it is not 1996. You can also realize that you didn’t start because you labeled yourself as not-a-sales-person all your life.

Who is a sales person? You’ve sold before. You don’t like phone conversations, but there are other ways.

You found out that you are a great cold-emailer. Now, you get tons of clients every week.

You also gained confidence because you tapped into a new skill. A skill that you never knew you had and now you love your job as a quirky umbrella business owner.

It was scary at the beginning, changing the way you saw yourself and doing completely different things. But, you made it. You survived and no one got hurt in the process.

Now, you can expand this story change to other areas of your life. Changing the way you think about your abilities can completely change your life. And change it for the better. So, change the story you tell yourself about your abilities. It’s about time.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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