Start Believing In Your Own Hustle

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Not everyone will believe in your hustle. Sure, they like to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But in the beginning when you are doing all the extra work to lay down the foundation of your hustle for free, they won’t always get behind you.

What they don’t understand is that at one point, most of us will have to underpay ourselves for our work and skills especially when beginning a new venture as a solopreneur. When you are interning for a large corporation, it’s okay because there’s a chance you might get a job after this but interning for yourself!

That’s a risk not everyone will understand. You see. You have to understand that there are a lot of risk-averse people out there. Who wants to risk a 90% chance of having a stable job for a 5% chance of being a millionaire? Not many people.

In fact, in many instances, I am a very risk-averse person but, I also have goals. My goal is to be able to work wherever I want and not feel trapped in a position. So, when the company that I work for changes their core values or when our values no longer coincide, I do not feel like I am trapped. I have the freedom to find somewhere where my values mesh well with the company I work at.

Not everyone will understand that desire. And that’s okay. But what matters is that you understand your hustle and that you believe in your abilities. What matters is that you have connected to your why.

You are strong in your goals. You have found people who can relate to your situation and your drive. You have found other solopreneurs who can encourage you when you lose motivation.

What matters is that you can believe in your own hustle. Let go of those naysayers. Don’t let people hold you back. Believe in yourself.

It is a reality in this world that you will not be liked by everyone no matter how good you are. It is a reality that people will judge your abilities by looking at you and judge you wrongly. So, prove them wrong and believe in your hustle.

Do what you were made to do and succeed at it. Do not achieve their version of success but, find your own version. Create the vision board of your hustle succeeding.

Talk to yourself about your success. Affirm your future. I’m not saying it will all be perfect but, find a positive aspect in every situation.

Practice grace for all your shortcomings. Be grateful for your wins. Be your own support because you cannot depend on others to be your support all the time.

Yes, it’s nice to have but, do not make them your only support. You are your most motivating factor. Use your power!

Not everyone will think the way you think. Remember that when you are disappointed by others lack of belief in you. How much can you make writing for others? Why would you blog for free?

They do not believe in the dream. They do not know the vision. Of course, they do not believe in you. The only way you can make them believe is by making that vision come to life.

How else can they believe but by seeing the picture come to life in front of them? Make yourself believe too. Tell yourself that you can do it! Do not limit yourself either.

Start to believe. How can others believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? It’s amazing what belief can do. Belief can fuel motivation and goals. If you don’t believe, fake it until you make it.

Act confident. Learn how to be confident in your abilities. Ever heard of faking it until you make it? Act like a CEO and you’ll be a CEO.

Just try and soon you will start believing in yourself. It is imperative that you believe in yourself out here. I believe in you but you also need to believe in yourself for things to really make things happen.

My belief will not push you as much as your belief will. So, start believing now and make your hustle happen, whatever that may be. Believe you can and you will!

Thanks for reading my rant,

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Believer of Your Hustle

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