How to Start Accepting Compliments

Start accepting compliments. Yes, I’m talking to you! You know what you do. You insult yourself after you get a compliment.

Why do you do that to yourself? Do you think that will make you look humble? Well, I got news for you, honey. It doesn’t.

Just accept the compliment.

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Own your greatness. You deserve it. You are worthy. Don’t allow how you feel one day to determine whether or not you’re worthy of receiving a compliment.

 There is something about you that is worthy of compliments even on your worst days.  You may not be able to see it but the others on the outside can see it. Trust their eyes and opinions when they compliment you.

If you have trouble accepting the compliment, think of it this way. By not accepting the compliment, you are telling the person that complimented you that they have bad judgment. Let’s give you some scenarios to show you what I mean.

Scenario 1- Somewhere

Friend: “Wow, you look great in that outfit!”

You: “No, I don’t. I look ratchet today.”

Translation: “The heck, girl? Do you need glasses? Your eyesight must be horrible!”

They complimented you and you just insulted them in return. Just acknowledge that you appreciate their compliment and say thank you. Its simple and only two words. No one gets hurt.

If that example doesn’t get you. Try this one.

Scenario 2- In the Gym

Stranger: “You’re really strong!”

You: “Oh, I’m not that strong.”

Translation: “You must be a wimp, then. Anyone can lift this weight. Look at those other people lifting heavier weights over there.”

Stop insulting the person that compliments you and accept their compliment.

It may seem awkward at first, but soon you’ll get used to it. I have trouble accepting compliments as well. I just have to remind myself that accepting doesn’t mean I turn into a conceited monster. It just means that I’m expressing appreciation of their comment.

Add A Positive Statement

You can even add a positive comment to your response. You could say, thank you. I work hard and train every day to improve my strength.

Return the compliment

This is a tricky one for some folks. I said to return the compliment, not lie to them.

This means if someone compliments your new shoes, don’t tell them you like their shoes as well. Even when you know, you would never touch those shoes with a ten-foot pole. Just tell them that you appreciate their opinion.

Or find something else that you like about them. Stay honest, people, stay honest.

Compliments Do Not Have Strings Attached

Just because you accept compliments, doesn’t mean you owe anybody anything. So, don’t be afraid to accept compliments. If someone feels like you owe them something because you accepted a compliment, that’s their problem.

They were not being genuine. Don’t feel guilty for someone who is trying to manipulate you. You deserve a compliment without conditions just like everyone else.

Compliments Make You Feel Good

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Ever been down in the dumps? Of course, you have, this is life. Compliments boost your mood and give you an extra pep in your step. We’ve all been motivated by a compliment before. It makes us work harder, stand taller, and talk with more confidence.

 If every time you a receive compliment, you deflect it, you’ll stop receiving compliments. You’ll also start to devalue yourself.

Words have a huge impact. And whether or not you believe it at first, it might start to ring true in your ears later. You might believe that you didn’t look that great or that you aren’t that strong.

You may believe that you’re not that smart and that your role on the team isn’t as important as the other members of the team. The only person you’ll be fooling by not accepting compliments is yourself.

Start Accepting Compliments

There are other ways to be humble. Deflecting compliments is not one of them. So, start today by just saying thank you. That’s all. Also, don’t be afraid to let people know that their compliment boosted your mood if it does. It makes the person giving the compliment feel good as well. Share the serotonin. It’s good for you.

And now that a lot of you are social distancing or under quarantine with the COVID-19 pandemic, this a great chance to work on yourselves. Well, everyday is a great day to work on yourself. But now you have more time to focus on it!

Short post, but I’m trying to get back into the groove of things. Thanks to all of you who are still here following me. You all are troopers! Stay safe!

Thanks for reading my rant,

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