Don’t Let the Energy Vampires Drain You

Okay, so today’s blog is a bonus blog. It’s going to start off as story time. The energy vampires are real! This is also kind of related to post Stop Letting People Hold You Back, but with real-life experience.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it but, around December I started freelance writing online. I signed up for some freelance gig sites to help with my side hustle.

Anyways, fast forward to February. After an absence of work in December and January, I seem to be getting very lucky with finding work in February. In fact, work found me. On LinkedIn. Who would have thought?

I got 3 projects from one client and I felt like I was on a roll this month. So, in my mind, I tell myself, let me try going back to one of my freelance sites. Maybe I’ll get lucky there too.

I searched for possible jobs and found a decent job. I submitted a proposal to the possible client. The job seemed simple enough: a 1500-word academic paper. I did that last weekend. The pay was decent: $100. The platform would take $20 of the payment but, that was still okay. So, I went for it.

I get a reply almost instantly. I’m excited! I may have some extra income this month which I need. I have a conference this month. Conferences always cost me extra on my budget.

But, things started to turn south from here. This potential client was rude! I found myself questioning whether I should even consider working with this client.

They were unreceptive to questions and very condescending. On top of that, for some reason, the signal kept getting lost on the messaging feature of the app I was using.

Maybe, that was God giving me a sign, but eventually, I took too long to answer a question ( about 5 minutes). They told me that the time I took to answer the message was an indicator of the job I would do!

What! You are talking to me! Excuse me! With your horrendous grammar, spelling, and syntax! ME! A whole doctor of pharmacy student! I don’t care how arrogant that sounds right, now! But, I went to school for too long! Even if I didn’t, I have self-respect.

I was livid! I wanted to curse this client out. But I decided that it would be best for me and my future endeavors if I took the responsible route.

Long story short, I told them there was a difference between demanding efficient, high-quality work and being rude. I also told them to be more courteous to other applicants because the applicants were doing them a favor.

You are literally asking someone to write your school assignment and your being rude. The client apologized, but my mood was just drained after that. I really wanted to report the client if I could, but there was no option for it if you weren’t in a contract with them.

How can you go back to your normal workflow after someone just drains you of all your energy? This is why energy vampires are so dangerous. You end up feeling so drained and discouraged after your encounters with energy vampires.

But how do you get back up and continue with your day especially if it just began?

This is the whole premise of this long-winded storytime.

The first thing you do is give yourself the compliment you deserve.

Thank you for handling that situation with class today! You are so professional. Compliment yourself! Don’t you feel better already?

The second thing you need to do is remove yourself from their proximity.

Do not argue with these energy vampires. Say goodbye and move on! Do not try to prove a point or prove yourself! Just move on and save yourself the mental trauma. Do not get pulled into their negative mess! You worked too hard to let one blip pull you to the ground!

The last word of advice, do something that calms your mind.

Write; meditate; do yoga; listen to encouraging people. But do not let that moment be the last thing that you have on your mind.

Remember that you are respected, you are worthy, and you are loved even if they cannot see it. Maybe they cannot even see their own wrong-doings? Some people are truly blind to that. You would be surprised.

This was an unplanned rant but, thank you for listening anyway! I do not know what you are doing, but you are doing amazing today!

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