Are Your Goals Losing Value?

Goal-setting! I think this may be something that I am truly an expert on. I love setting goals! I have been setting goals since I was a child. I like to think of myself as the ultimate goal-setter.

Does that mean that I always accomplish my goals? Ehh, not really. I’m human and sometimes I set unrealistic goals. But, how do we make it easier actually accomplish the realistic goals we set for ourselves so that they do not lose value? Easy, I have 6 tips.

But before we get into all of that, let me explain what I mean by losing value. You ever set a goal for yourself, and then give up? Does it feel like whatever goal you set for your self will never come to fruition? If the answer is yes, then your goals have lost value.

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Setting goals is like making a promise to yourself. When you stop being able to accomplish the goals you set for yourself, you’ve lost faith in your ability to follow-through with your promise.

Think of it this way. We all know that one person who always says they are going to do stuff but, they never do it so we stop believing them. You are that person. Except, you’re doing it to yourself and your subconscious has stopped believing in you.

You don’t even try anymore and your goals mean nothing. Here is how you can restore some of the faith in your abilities to accomplish your goals.

Why are you doing this?

It is important to know your why factor. It doesn’t need to fancy. It can be selfish. As long as you know why you are reaching for that goal, that is all you need. This will be part of your driving factor.

Maybe, you want to make $1000 extra to save up for a new bag that you can’t afford or you want a vacation because you want to travel, so your goal is to work some extra hours or find some extra side hustles.

Back in the day, I got good grades so, I could get money from my parents. Now, my drive is to get good grades so I can graduate and get a good job to support myself and my future family. I also want to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle, so that is my why factor.

Set a goal time-frame that scares you.

If it feels like you have forever to accomplish a goal, you’re never going to get started. Time will pass you before you even know it. However, if you set a deadline that is relatively close but, still realistic, you are going to get to work on your goals.

Quantify your goal.

What is your number? Be specific. If you know a way to measure your goals, that is always a good way to monitor how you are doing. If your goal is to save money, how much money do you want to save?

Pick a number. If your goal is to make extra money, how much extra do you want to make? How many new followers do you want? How many books do you want to publish? How many words do you want to write daily? If it is possible, quantify your goal because it makes the goal easier to grasp.

Check your goals frequently.

You have a goal list, but how are you going to achieve your goal if you only looked at your goal list once? Make sure that you are regularly checking your goal list and crossing out the goals you’ve accomplished.

You can check your goals monthly, weekly or even daily but, make sure you are keeping track of your goals. Also, some goals may change over time and that’s okay. Edit your goal list to reflect that. There is no need to start a whole new list because you did not meet one goal.

Create baby goals for your main goal.

Ever have some goals that were so big that you didn’t know where to start so, you just ended up giving up? Break those goals into smaller, actionable goals so, it’s not as overwhelming.

If your goal is to start a community health fair, break your goals into finding venues, people to fund the event, people to volunteer, and different organizations to be there.

Do 1 thing towards your goal every day.

You will not be able to spend a lot of time on your goals every day because life is unpredictable but, plan to do one thing for your goals daily. Even if you only spend, five minutes doing it, that is something.

You will not be able to spend a lot of time on your goals every day because life is unpredictable but, plan to do one thing to reach them daily. Even if you only spend, five minutes doing it, that is something.

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These are my 6 tips towards making your goals worthwhile again. I hope you found them worthy of being used as I have.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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