Write Affirmations Like A Boss

I listen to a lot of podcasts and one of the most common things people harp on is affirmations. Affirmations are apparently the answer to all our prayers.

Everyone on the podcasts loves affirmations. Occasionally, there is a good one that I hear on my podcasts and I write it down on my dry erase board. Sometimes, I even Google them.

Supposedly, these affirmations are supposed to help me be great and be motivated but, I think these amazing affirmations might work best if they were tailored to my life. 

Sometimes, the affirmation that worked for your friend and the successful person on the podcast may not necessarily work for you. So, how do we make an affirmation that is going to work for us?

The first thing we should do is define affirmation. We cannot make something properly if we have no clue what it is and what it does?

So, what is an affirmation?

An affirmation is an assertion or a declaration of something. It has come to also be defined as emotional support or encouragement.

When you write an affirmation, you are encouraging yourself and declaring something for your life. That already sounds life-changing, right? No wonder these podcasters swear by daily affirmations.

Why should I have daily affirmations?

  • Well, you become more aware of your thoughts and the way you think which is helpful when you are trying to move away from negative thought-patterns and overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Related to the first reason, but it helps you to stay positive.
  • It helps you to practice gratitude.
  • You attract what you put out into the universe. (Excuse my millennial woo-woo thoughts. )
  • It will motivate you to be your affirmation. Stating “I am healthy” drives you to make what you think are healthy decisions in life.

How do I activate my affirmation?

  • Speak your affirmation out-loud daily (even if you feel weird and trust me, it does feel weird).
  • Embody your affirmations. Visualize them coming to fruition. You can say something over and over but, if you do not try to believe your affirmation or visualize it, your affirmation is useless.

How do I make my own daily affirmations?

Turn your negative thoughts into affirmations while focusing on the positive aspects of your affirmation.

I know it sounds super confusing but, this is what I mean. Let’s just use my previous statement, “I am healthy.”

If I was having negative thoughts about my eating habits like, “I am eating too much Junk food. I am going to get fat.”

I might create an affirmation like “I will no longer eat junk food.” Not only does that solely focus on my negative habit, but it is also unrealistic.

I should focus on something positive. “I am eating to fuel my body with nutrition and my soul with whatever it needs,” would be a much better affirmation. It accounts for me eating better but, also allows me to eat foods that I crave whether it is junk or healthy food.

Write your affirmations in the present tense.

When you write your affirmations in the future tense. Your brain thinks that you have a lot of time.  Your affirmation becomes something that has to be worked towards in the future. It is not happening right now.

Therefore, you are more likely to put off your goals when it can happen in some distant future time that you are unsure about.

However, if you write in the present tense. You are telling yourself that you are doing this right now. You are in the process. You are a boss. You are the writer. You are a productive person. You are a healthy person. You automatically start fixing your habits to become what you told yourself that already you are.

Make your affirmations active.

Make your affirmations something you can act on. Make it a do-able action. If you want to become more sociable as a person.

You could make your affirmation, “I am sociable and I talk to a new person every day.” It’s simple but, actionable. It also makes your affirmation something you can monitor to see if it is working, and it can also double as a goal.

Keep your affirmations short and simple.

How are you going to remember you affirmation if it’s too long? There is no need to include all your goals in your affirmation and it’s okay for it to be a little vague.

You know the details of your goals and you can flesh out the details separately in a notebook. It’s also less exhausting to say a short affirmation. We are trying to make life better, not harder. I typically like to stick to one sentence.


Now that you have read this post, I hope you can start creating affirmations that actually work for you. You can also continue to google them but, make use of affirmations. People love them for a reason. Your affirmations do not have to be long or all-encompassing. Keep it short and simple.

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Before I end, I just want to give a quick shoutout to two people. The first shoutout is to Isis who shouted me out first. I’m a little late but thanks again for the shoutout!

Check out her blog: kurlsandkonversation.com! She has awesome content. If you are looking for a therapist, you might want to read her blog about what to consider when choosing a therapist.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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