Shika’s Personal Blog Home Page

Hello! My name is Shika. Welcome to my College Lifestyle Blog!

I started this personal blog around six years ago when I started undergraduate and I think I have reformulated this page a million times since then.

Back when I first began this blog, I just thought the idea of having a blog was cool and wasn’t really dedicated to it. Now, I use this blog as a platform to express my thoughts, feelings, relate with others and motivate others who may be going through obstacles similar to mine.

I write about anything that inspires me. Most of the topics are related to undergraduate or graduate education, mental health, eating habits and fitness with a few creative writing pieces here and there.

Keep reading if you don’t mind reading the blog of a girl trying to find herself while going through professional school and whatever else life throws at her.

If you love rants about fitness, university student life, health, and just raw emotion you are in the right place.

This blog was formerly known as “I’m Not Crying, Just Laughing Awkwardly.” Don’t worry, I am not upheaving any old content I am just taking the blog into a more defined route. Thank you for staying with me throughout my blogging journey for those of you who have seen this blog throughout its lifetime.

Anyways, thank you for visiting my blog! To my new readers, I hope you find this blog helpful and choose to stay.

To my current followers, thank you again for staying with me and look forward to sharing more with you in my next post!

Thank you for Reading My Rant,



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