Do Not Fear Success

Your fear of success is holding you back. Yes, I said it. Your fear of success is holding you back.

You’ve defined your success. But, now, the test is are you really going to go for it! What’s stopping you?

I know your like, what do you mean? I’m not afraid of success! Who is dumb enough to be afraid of success? Smart people.

Because you realize that with great power comes responsibility. Or rather, with great success comes responsibility. You realize that if you become the boss, you will be the one who handles everyone’s problems.

And are you really ready for that? Are you really ready for the responsibility? Or are you afraid that it’ll be too much to handle?

What if you do go for that boss position? Soon, you’ll be one of the worst bosses they ever had, and then you’ll be ostracized because there’s never been a bad boss in the history of the company. And if there has, it most certainly can’t be you. It’s not like they train people for these positions anyway.

They’re just going to throw you up to those vultures. When people ask you for ideas, you’ll have no clue. It’s not like you can ask for help, right?

Okay, so I’m being very dramatic right now, but isn’t that how we all convince ourselves not to achieve more. We want to be president, boss, CEO, writer, Founder of ABCXYZ, Incorporated. But we’re scared of what can really happen if we get too successful.

What happens when you get too many customers to handle? Will your whole business just fall apart? Well, I can’t give you the answer to that. But I can tell you that you are holding yourself back by fearing success.

Some of us do not fear failure. You thought the fear of failure was sabotaging you? Nope. It is actually the opposite.

You are limiting yourself again. Some of us are more comfortable in our failures and living stagnant. It’s success that scares us because, well, where do we go from there?

Maybe you’ve been hurt too many times before by your dreams.

Who wants to be hurt? You’ve gotten your hopes up. Studied to get that A and you were so sure! So sure! Only to see a C on your report.

One can only take so many letdowns before they bring their standards down from an A. No longer do you aim for an A. No, now, you aim for Bs, at best.

The C is your standard because you are tired of being a disappointment and tired of this psychologic warfare with yourself. Cs still get degrees, right? What you are doing is telling yourself that you cannot succeed.

You can’t get an A. You can’t be the boss.

Why not? Ask yourself. Why do you fear success? Do you feel the hurt of disappointment?

You’ve been burned too many times. You’re smart enough to know when to quit. But what if you persevered and tried one more time? Try for success.

Don’t remember all the times you failed in the past.

Yes, it may be helpful to adjust your technique for the next time you go for an interview to remember how you should have answered your questions. But, what about all the times you succeeded.

Remember how good that felt? Chase that feeling. Don’t just remember the disappointment of your failure. Remember the rush of successfully leading your team.

Remember how you succeeded in your previous interviews. You got into school, didn’t you? You got your job, right?

They saw something in you that you did not see. You can be successful. Do not fear it.

Yes, there will be responsibilities, but you can always delegate tasks. Yes, there will be times where you do not know what to do. But does anyone really know what they are doing out there all the time?

Some of us are just really good actors. Plus, there is always someone who has gone through what you’ve gone through. Ask questions.

Do not let fear of not knowing where your success will take you to stop you from achieving your goals.

Go for it! Don’t be afraid of change. Maybe that’s what holding you.

Everything will change when you decide to get a new job. Even if that is your dream job. Everything will change. Everything.

You have to get to know new people. It was already hard to make the friendships you have now. Sure, the pay you have now is mediocre but, you love your co-workers.

They’re family. Wrong, your co-workers would leave you for that job offer you got in a minute. Plus, the pay is nice and you will be doing something you actually like.

And real family would want the best for you even if they will miss you. You know that job is what’s best for you. So, do it! You all can hang out after work.

Change does not have to be so bad. And yes, you can pull it off. Affirm that you can and you will!

Have more faith in yourself! You got this! Stop being afraid of success and you will see how far it can take you.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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