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Behind every successful person, there is a positive support system, a team, you might even say. You wouldn’t be able to make it through life if every second, everyone around you was constantly trying to tearing you down. This is why you need to find your team.

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Even if you just have one supporter, that one supporter can help you move far above the rest. Because sometimes motivation, passion, and discipline can only take you so far.

Some days there is a lack of motivation. Some days there is a lack of passion for what you thought you were passionate about. Months later, you’re wondering what happened? You started out so motivated! So passionate!

But even passion and motivation can dwindle. It’s times like these when you need a support system to help you to succeed in your goals. Not everyone is worthy of being in your support group.

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No, a support group is exclusive to those who have your best interests at heart. These are the people who push you forward instead of holding you back. These are the people who constantly inspire you to be a better you. They believe in your hustle, even when you don’t.

But who exactly qualifies to be a part of your support system?

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Like I said before, not everyone will qualify. It may not be your family. It may not even be your best friend.

It’s okay to have multiple support systems for different areas of your life. Your school support system may be different from your entrepreneur support system which may be different from your fitness support system. But you should have at least one.

Why? Because it’s beneficial to you. Not convinced. I guess I could be more specific.

You want to accomplish your goals, right? You have a list of to-dos that keeps getting longer by the second. You barely even have time to be reading this blog.

A support group would just take more of your time. Time that you could be using to be more productive or spending alone doing something you actually love. Well, have you ever thought that a social support system might lessen your stress?

Think about it. Its like you have your own team, an entourage even. You can be way more productive and efficient when you are not stressed because you have a team.

You can vent every now and then. Who doesn’t enjoy venting? Then, ideas and work will happen more naturally because your not bogged down by stress.

Yes, yes, I know it’s beneficial, Shika. But who am I choosing to be a part of my team?

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Find your team of positive people in your life and make an effort to be around them more.

Avoid negative people who seem to drain you of all your energy. That means the liars, people who break all their promises, blame everything on others, and even that person who’s all talk. Yes, I know they seem harmless. But stop it.

Every time they say they are going to do something, you just roll your eyes. Do you need that type of energy on your team? No! We’re doers around here!

You can also just get mental health support from a professional. Don’t wait until you feel crazy to call for help. Professionals can help you deal with stress, negative people, and cope with all the stuff that you self-diagnosed yourself with on google. They can also push you to be a better person because they are not there to be your friend.

But, in all honesty, I’m just trying to help you find your team. People who feel connected to others and like they have a team behind them tend to be more effective at work and at home. Just because they feel that they have a team behind them.

With a team behind you, you are less likely to feel burnt-out and to feel overwhelmed. A team is also very good for making decisions that require some deep thought.

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They’ll let you know that you definitely need to attend that 4-hour lecture, or else you’ll be behind in lecture material all week. They’ll help you stick to your resolutions. They will also tell you that you shouldn’t be buying those new boots because you said you were on a strict budget this month.

They’ll help you think up new ideas for business launches. They’ll talk you off the ledge when you feel like giving up because we all know that this journey to success is not all sunshine and rainbows.

All in all, I just want you to surround yourself with positive people so that when things get rough on your journey, you have people that can help pick you up. If you have these people in your life already, remember to show them your appreciation every now and then. They deserve it.

If you don’t have a team, start looking around you. I’m pretty sure you can find your team close to you.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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Shika Tamaklo is a pharmacist who graduated from Mercer University (2020). She is a college lifestyle blogger who writes on fitness, health, life struggles, creative side hustles and, occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

13 thoughts on “Find Your Team

  1. Great thoughts. I believe there’s a study out where having a support group with exercise drastically improved results. Another book that would fall in line with what you’re saying is “Never eat alone.”

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    1. Thank you! That definitely makes sense. Another good book to look at. I ordered the most recent interview book of Knock ’em Dead yesterday. I’m pretty excited for it to come in.


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