My Hopes for 2020: The Right Path

So, now that I’ve finished rehashing my past. It’s time to start looking towards the future. This is the year to which my path has lead me.

The end of 2019 and the beginning of this 2020 year has already been filled with so many miracles. There were many times last year when I thought that would not make it and I did make it. Now, I’m in the year of my graduation.

There’s only a couple of months to go including 2 more rotations. It seems like just yesterday I was entering the pharmacy classroom for the first time for orientation as a bundle of nerves. Now, I’m on my way out.

 I am not one to make resolutions because I always have goals year-round, but I do hope that I make it through 2020 the same way I made it through 2019. And by that, I mean that I hope that I can make it with as much support and as many miracles.

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There were times I didn’t know where I didn’t have enough money to survive, just enough would appear in my life. Maybe, I didn’t have overflow but I had just enough appeared and that by itself was a miracle.

2020 is a big year. There are so many things happening. My younger sister and I are both graduating and moving back home. There may be a graduation party in the plans. This year the Liberian Communities of Florida is having its annual Liberian independence celebration in South Florida. I could possibly be starting a residency. If not, I’ll be getting a real job and starting my life as an actual adult with adult pay after being a student for so long. These are scary and exciting times.

But, the goal for this year is to remember that we all have a selling point. We all have something unique about us. I ended this year applying for residency positions and often I found myself asking, “what make you special enough for them you choose you?” Out of all the applicants with so many different and valid experiences, why should they pick you?

And there are two answers that come up. You know, the angel and the devil side. One part of me says:

What’s for you is for you. No one can take your destiny from you. No matter what happens, you will still end up where you need to be. You all can all have the same CV, but it really comes down to how much you fit with the organization. You will be where you need to be.

The other part of me says:

You know that you are bad at small talk. First impressions are everything. The shy introverted you may crash and burn compared to those extroverted superstars. You know there are not enough spots for everyone. You work hard but your work will not always speak for you.

Eventually, I get a mixture of both sides that win out. I know that I will be sad if I don’t get the opportunities I want. But it is not the end of the world. I’m applying for the most straight-forward path right now. It is not the easiest path. It is the most straightforward path. But it is not the only path out there.

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This post is going in a different direction than I thought. But I say all that to say that in 2020, the straightforward path is not the only path. We are all starting 2020 with our plans and projections of how this year will go.

Maybe, I’m a little late for some of you. However, when your plans go south or start going off the rails, realize that if you really want something, the path you originally chose is not the only path. Maybe it was the most straightforward path you could see or even the shortest path. But sometimes, we can’t take the same path as everyone else.

When your plan rejects you, it does not necessarily mean that this is the end. It could mean to wait. Most people don’t learn a new skill on their first try. Why should your plans be any different?

And stop worrying about the time. There is no expiration date for your dream. Just because you are not on track with your 5-year plan or with everyone else in your class does not mean you are behind, a failure, or less than anyone else. We all will get to where we need to be in our own time. Just learn to ride the waves of 2020.

Believe in yourself and those around you. You never know who your next support will be or who can help you. You never know what can inspire you if you diverge from your plans. What you think is a disaster or a punishment can end up being your best gift. I think that is what I learned in 2019. And that’s the mindset I hope to keep in 2020.

This post went in a completely different direction than I planned. But I was inspired to move in this direction. I’m going in the flow that 2020 takes me. I hope this did not sound like senseless babble. And I hope this inspires someone to take any unexpected disappointment they run into this year and turn it into a blessing.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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