Change Your Life: Practice Grace and Gratitude

Grace for your short comings. Gratitude for your achievements. I recently read The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers by Sally Miller. In this book, Miller interviews a multitude of successful 6-figure bloggers. You know! No big deal!

Anyways, one of the bloggers that she interviewed inspired me to write this post. She said that the habit that improved her life the most in the last year was focusing on gratitude and grace.

While gratitude has become somewhat of a buzzword lately. We rarely practice grace but, it’s an important concept.

What is grace?

Grace is forgiving your shortcomings and having goodwill towards yourself. It is the unconditional love that you have for yourself even when you feel you don’t deserve it.

Why should you practice grace?

You have so many goals and so many aspirations. You put so much hope and work into those goals. When do plans that you worked so hard on for months and then… they fail. It’s hard to tell yourself that it’s okay?

You beat yourself up over the little things that you missed when you need to be practicing grace. You’re not perfect. You did your best. You gave your all. You deserve grace, especially if you did try your best.

Sometimes hard work and dedication won’t be enough. Sometimes your best isn’t be enough. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But in the real world, studying every day for 3 hours will not always get you the A that you wanted.

When reality sets in and the hard work we did does not equate with the results we receive, we need be able to practice grace for our shortcomings.

Forgive yourself and move on. You are imperfect and that is okay. Not every goal will pan out successfully even if you did use SMART goals or some other goal-setting technique.

Give yourself grace and you will find that you will be much happier and lighter in life. Stop focusing on what you didn’t do or what you couldn’t do? Practice grace. Practice gratitude.

Why should you practice gratitude?

Ask yourself this question: am I ungrateful?

Are you the limiting factor in your happiness right now? You may not think you are ungrateful but, ask yourself this: where is my mind right now?

Is your mind in the future or in the present?

This is something I struggle with personally. I make goals for days and I’m planning for this great future! I am do planning for tomorrow but, what about today?

What are you doing today? Are you happy now or are you waiting until you can launch your own business to be grateful? Will you be happy once you pay off all your loans?

What about now? Are you grateful for today? Realize that you are alive when you didn’t have to be.

Are you saving your happiness for later? There is no need to ration your gratitude. There is an unlimited amount of happiness and gratefulness available for you to use at any time.

Who said you can’t be grateful without being your own boss for now and grateful even with the loans? There are no rules for that!

Stop making your happiness depend on some future action and be happy now. You are being ungrateful by dismissing the privileges that you have had to be able to get this far in life.

Be grateful that you could take the loan. Be grateful you can work to make your dreams happen. I’m not telling you to be stagnant and stop working towards your goal but, have some appreciation for where you are now in your journey.

How do you change your life and practice gratitude?

Journal. I’m sure you’ve heard some influencer somewhere talk about gratitude journaling. There is something behind all that talk.

Write about what you are grateful for. Start small.

People who practice gratefulness tend to be more positive and resilient. You will also be more likely to actually accomplish that future personal goal when you can appreciate the present.

As you begin appreciating the present more often, you will become more resilient. You will able to see the upside of most situations. When you see the upside in negative situations, you are more likely to become resilient in times of hardships.

You can also practice gratitude by thinking about where you were before. You didn’t always have a job. You were not always so comfortable in your skin. Be grateful for that annoying job now. You’re getting paid. You’ll have your own office soon. Be grateful for your personality now.

Practice gratitude and show yourself grace. The more you practice, the easier and more intuitive the practice will become as time passes. Don’t just expect gratitude to happen!

Start practicing grace and gratitude and your perspective on life will change. Your relationships will change. Your levels of resilience will change. Everything will change.

What are you grateful for today? In what area of your life, do you need to show yourself grace today? Comment below!

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