5 Must-Reads for Winning at Life

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Here are some books that I highly recommend for self-improvement or just a good read. These books all helped change my life and the way I think in some way. It benefited me so much that I decided that I wanted to share it with the world.

1. Body By You by Mark Lauren
This is a health and fitness book. It was the best investment I could have ever made towards my health.

Lauren teaches you how to make the best of your body when exercising.  He teaches you how to use your body-weight to strength train and progressively increase your load.

The program allows you to find creative ways to workout without a gym or weights. Now this book does have its downsides. He does try to sell some equipment and some of the exercises do require things like a sturdy door, a belt, tables and such.

But the benefit of not having those things around was that it made me more creative and I started using other things such as beds, couches,  trunks, etc. In addition, Body By You caters to females but, don’t worry men! Lauren has another book, his original, You Are Your Own Gym.

There is also some nutrition advice but, not much.  However,  there are instructive pictures for each exercise and if you buy the book, you can even be connected to videos on YouTube.

I found the pictures and videos to be very useful.  I love this book and although I do not follow his program completely anymore, I still go back when I need advice or body-weight exercises. I even have muscles to show for it now. This book definitely paid for itself in my opinion. So, get on your health and fitness today and read his book.

2. Remember Everything You Want and Manage The Rest by Helmut D. Sachs
This book costs around the same as the first, give or take a couple of dollars. Don’t worry, the list gets cheaper as we make our way down. You won’t be bankrupt by the time I’m done.

Sachs teaches you ways to improve your memory.  If you’re bad at remembering things for school or just things in general, this book is a must-read. This really helped me in my biology and anatomy classes.

I wish I would have read it before the year started.  I would have got an A in those classes. After reading Sachs’ book, my study habits changed and I not only beat my own exam averages by two letter grades, I surpassed the class averages on the hardest exams of the semester.

I really recommend this book. The only thing that threw me was the last couple of chapters where he talks about saving information to your computer.

I didn’t need that information so I just kind of skimmed over them but, he does give good app recommendations for studying though. The trick to really succeeding from this book is to actually put his advice into practice.

This is not a quick genius manufacturing book. It takes time. Speaking of practice, this brings us to our number three.

3. Genius Guide: Step by Step to a Perfect Memory by Scott Harvey
Now, this must-read book actually puts to practice learning memory skills. There are various exercises that make you feel like a boss when you complete them, for example, memorizing a list of 20 items without any type of help whatsoever, just you and your mind.

Harvey gives you techniques and assigns you homework. The homework is usually something fun like making pictures for a set of numbers or cultivating your visual skills.

It doesn’t take that much time out of your day. Some people don’t like homework, so this book might not be for you but, if you want a better memory to succeed in school or just win at life, it is going to take some practice.

Sometimes, you need the practice to learn how to work smart and efficiently. This is that book that will help you concentrate better so you don’t have to work extra hard.

You can just work smarter and what’s the cost of this, priceless. Actually, it’s currently free on kindle so, get it while its free because I don’t know how long this is going to last.

4. Always Know What To Say -Easy Ways To Approach and Talk to Anyone by Peter W. Murphy

This one is dedicated to all you shy, quiet, antisocial people out there. Yes, I’m talking to you! …and me. Originally, I was skeptical about getting this book but, then I was like what can I lose?

It was free so, I read it and the things Murphy said actually resonated with me and made sense. He doesn’t pick on you and force you to change.

He does it little by little, by showing you what makes you antisocial by giving examples of how certain behaviors and mindsets can lead to being antisocial. After that, he instills a change in you by giving you little assignments.

Yes, homework again. But, this is not hard. He starts by building your confidence. Being social is all about you and your confidence. Murphy’s advice doesn’t just translate to your social life but your own self-image and mental health.

One of his assignments to readers was to forgive someone, not for them but for you because it takes some weight off of you and makes you happier.

Holding a grudge only makes you miserable and unapproachable at times.  I found this book very enlightening and the fact that it was free on kindle made me even happier.

If you’re a social queen bee or king bee, then, this book may not be for you. You may not be able to relate to Murphy’s example but, read it if you like anyway because its free. There’s nothing really to lose.

5.  925 IDEAS to Help You Save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire a Millionaire Devin D. Thorpe

This is the last, but definitely not the least. Money, we all want and need it to survive. This book gives advice about saving money and using your money wisely.

I admit that this book was not so relevant to me as it is more geared towards couples starting a family, putting their kid through college, or about to retire so, those chapters were kind of awkwardly irrelevant to me but, I’m sure it will be useful in the future.

What was helpful for me was the section about debt, budgeting and saving money. Thorpe gives you ways to save slowly but surely. It is not a get rich quick scheme but, it’s better than not having any money saved up for you at all over time.

The debt part was pretty interesting to me because I’m a college student with loans. The thought of being buried in college debt after I graduate from university then pharmacy school is a nightmare.

Thorpe gives advice on how to slowly decrease the debt while being realistic about your abilities. What you can and can’t do depends on your age and income.

Don’t shoot for more than you can handle so, maybe this book isn’t so relevant for college students with not that much responsibility but, if you have debt, about to get married, retire, or have kids who you want to put through college, this is the book for you.

Did I also mention this book is free on kindle? Now, that is a financially smart investment.

These are my book recommendations to the world. What are your must-reads? Any books that you absolutely have to share with the world? What did it help you accomplish?

Thanks for listening to my rant,

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