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Hello lovely readers! I know I do not post much but, between school, exams and, other extracurricular sometimes, I barely have time to think for myself. Anyways, now to the real purpose of this post: surveys!  I know I posted a short little blip about them about 2 years ago but, I’m going to tell you about them again as I now have more experience with them.

SURVEYS DO WORK! Some of them are not scams and actually do pay you for your information.  How do you know they are not scamming you? Well, you should NOT have to pay for anything or provide any credit card information. Most of the time, you can get a check mailed to you or a gift card to a place of your choice.

Usually if there is no cash option or if there is an outrageous fee to get cash, I get an Amazon gift card or a Starbucks gift card. My advice is to try to earn at least $10 before cashing in your rewards because lots of sites are only the middleman for these survey companies. That means they need their share of the profit for providing you with these surveys so, they take some percentage.

If you cash out early, that small fee might take a huge chunk out of your $10. Then, what’s the point of even cashing out your rewards if you are only getting $4.50? (that’s an exaggeration but you get my point).

There are some frustrating points to being a “professional” survey taker. For example, many surveys are worth less than a dollar. I mean 33 cents for 20 to 40 minutes of your time. For this reason,  I suggest you be serious and have some time on your hands. Now, not all surveys are so low paying, some are worth $5 for 20 minutes but that also means the company is pickier about who they want to take their surveys.

Sometimes they’ll want you and sometimes they won’t. It really takes patience and dedication.  If you just try to play around and barely get any surveys down. You will not prosper. I am being very honest with you. However,  it’s not all negatives.

The thing I love most about survey taking is that I can set my own hours: morning, night, whenever! You don’t need to worry about experience because life is your experience! If you’re alive, then you can take a survey!

Congratulations! Hopefully, you’re alive if you are reading this. In addition to that, if you get the surveys mailed to your house, they send you an extra $5 cash before you even open the survey. Free money! Who doesn’t love it? Some companies send you products to try out before they even get out on the market!  How cool is that!

You can say, ” yea, I’m one of the select few who got to try that before it got out to the public.” Did I mention that they send you this for free? Then, there are the do nothing surveys. Yes, you read correctly: Do NOTHING, my favorite.

This is usually where you allow companies to track your phone information and activities or your computer activities. I have an app on my phone that tracks my activities.  I barely even know it’s there until I get that monthly email saying that I can collect my $5. Google and other companies profit off your information,  why not sell some of that information yourself?

Also, during the holidays,  is the best time to be a survey taker. Companies are dying to know what you bought. They’re nosy. They want pictures, receipts,  your budget, where you bought gifts, who you gave it to, everything. For major holidays, they might pay you $45 to know this information. For holidays such as Valentines Day or even going back to school,  the money may be on the lower end such as $25. That’s still not bad.

So, now that you know about surveys.  What do you think? I want to know everything? What’s your experience?

Also check out some of my favorite survey sites! Yes, I have used all of these before. All memberships are free! If you have to pay, something is fishy!

Disclaimer: This site contains referral links to survey sites. I may receive a referral bonus for sign-ups made through these links.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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