Why I Chose Patreon

Surprise! This is an extra post! So, I started this post as a way to tell my readers that I’ve joined Patreon and the reasons why I chose it. However, it looks like this also became another personal development post along the way.

So, I recently signed up for Patreon and I am super excited for this because of what it means to Shika’s College Lifestyle Blog and to my life, personally.

I thought of just doing the typical influencer introduction where you introduce the platform or product and just ask people to donate or purchase.

However, I brushed that off because I want to be completely transparent about why I chose Patreon and the path that it took me to get to this decision.

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate asking for help and I hate asking for money (unless I’m asking for charity). For that reason, the pure idea of asking others to donate their hard-earned money to me so that I could have a little bit of an easier time was atrocious.

So, when it comes to why I didn’t just slap a donate button on my site from PayPal, that was the first reason. The second was well, donations are technically for non-profits and I don’t know if I want to go the non-profit route.

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But within my internal battle with myself (I was battling for months) I realized something big. Something that was stopping both me and my beloved blog from growing. I was seeing all these blogs growing and becoming better.

Younger blogs were reaching bigger audiences and coming up with frequent content and launching new products. And I was jealous. But the ugly truth is that running a blog is not easy.

It takes both time and money. If you lack money, it’s going to take time and if you lack time, it is going to take more money. Services that make life easier cost money.

I am a full-time pharmacy student, like really full time and I am trying to run a blog on a professional level. I don’t even get summer off this year. But that’s another story. I am a little short on time and money. So it was no wonder my blog was falling behind.

I figured out that I needed more money. I need to pay for my domain and I would like to not have to learn code every time I want to improve my blog. So, my first idea was to make money freelancing and doing odd jobs on the web.

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I would make money to support my website and to support me. (Hello! I need to eat and pay all the random school fees thrown at me.) I don’t know how that worked out in my head. Working to get money to support my working elsewhere.

I was writing for someone else to allow myself to write for myself on my blog. Then I was writing somewhere else to feed myself. I was out here searching for jobs.

Every freelancer knows that the searching and all the rejected proposals are the worst part. I was dealing with potential clients that I didn’t even like so I could support the blog that I love. Then, I was disappointed because my content was suffering. How did that make sense? It didn’t.

The reason that I did not sign up for that Patreon account was that I was blocking my own success due to fear and a toxic mindset about money.

I was afraid that no one would think that my blog was worth enough to donate or become a patron. I also gave an inanimate object a meaning. I made money evil.

That is why I was so against it. How can I get money to support what I enjoy doing if I am repelling it? If I see wanting money as a thing of greed. I was blocking my own greed.

I realized that money is inanimate. It is just a vehicle to make things happen. It is a method of exchange. If I want to upgrade my blog, write more content, and create products for my readers, I have to change the way I think.

Money is the vehicle that will allow me to gain more time to write because I won’t be learning random code to fix my blog. It will get me the courses I need to improve my blog and the right people to help me so I don’t have to do everything myself.

It is not money that defines the person but the person that defines the money. Money does not make you greedy. It is the person that does greedy things with the money.

All this revelation in setting up a Patreon account. I know you didn’t ask for all this. But I am saying this for someone else who may be the one blocking their own success subconsciously. I am also telling you all my real reason for getting a Patreon account.

About Patreon (in my words)

Patreon is a platform that allows creative content makers to get paid for what they love by their fans, followers, readers, etc. Patreon gives us creators a way to support our projects and that support is held up by the people who subscribe to us.

In return for the support of our patrons, creative content makers get a chance to thank our patrons and give them exclusive content, shout-outs, access to special opportunities, etc.

I think that’s another reason why I chose Patreon. It allowed me to not just accept the donations passively but to show my appreciation by giving something back.

What are my goals? What will I do with the money from Patreon?

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My goal is to raise $500/ month. I will use the money to feed myself. I’ve been learning that we often forget the most important employee and sometimes the only employee, ourselves. 

And I will, of course, use the money to cover the cost of the domain, reach more personal growth learners, get blogging courses to create better content, product development (I really would like to start making planners (the costs are horrendous so maybe planner sheets for now)), possibly publish a book, and of course, devote more time to writing. Oh, and afford a logo. Here’s the one I tried to make:

The more I can outsource certain tasks, the more time I can devote to writing which I love more than social media stuff.

What do Patrons get?

Well, there are tier levels. Shika’s College Lifestyle Blog Patron Tiers start at $5/ month $1/month (Silver).

With that, you get a personal thank you message because I really appreciate you. You get early access to draft blog posts (you don’t have to wait until Monday to get personal development tips), and a shout-out at the end of my blog post. As the tier levels go up, you start getting more and more benefits. You can see more about the tier levels and become a patron here.

  • Gold – $20/ month $5/month – includes silver benefits + Monthly exclusive blog content that will help you in your personal growth journey +Early access to draft blog posts +audio blog posts
  • Platinum- $50/month $30/month- includes Gold benefits +early access to draft blogs+ Behind-The-Scenes videos
  • Diamond- $100/ month– includes Platinum benefits + entrance to private group and access to other like-minded individuals+ 1 one-on-one 30 minute coaching session per month to help you get ahead of your goals.

Become a Patron Today!

There are a limited number of spots because I do want to give my patrons the best experience. So that means I have to see how I handle a smaller group of patrons first.

As time goes on and I start getting better, I may start increasing the spots and the stakes in each tier level.

Thanks for reading my rant. I know the topic was a little different today. I appreciate your support.

Click here to become a patron today and receive exclusive benefits!

I can’t believe I wrote 6 posts in 3 days. I am on a roll! I am crying happy tears!

Thanks for reading my rant,

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Shika Tamaklo is a pharmacist who graduated from Mercer University (2020). She is a college lifestyle blogger who writes on fitness, health, life struggles, creative side hustles and, occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

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