AMCP Nexus 2018, The Student Perspective: Was It Worth It?

This year, I developed a new goal. If you know me, you would know that I am constantly creating new goals for myself. So, what is the big difference between this goal and all the other goals?

Well, this goal is a larger and more longitudinal goal. This is a goal I am striving to apply throughout my pharmacy school career and probably even my professional career. What is the goal? To grow professionally and invest in my future for the long term. You heard about this in one of my previous posts, Invest in Yourself and Your Future.

Part of that meant, investing in professional conferences, business cards, and professional learning courses in order to give me the future that I want. But, I digress.

The main point of this post is that I did something that worked towards my goal. I attended AMCP Nexus 2018 in Orlando, FL last week. AMCP stands for Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy.

I do not know why I didn’t start attending conferences sooner especially the AMCP Conferences. It was so inspiring and everyone was so nice and willing to give advice. I enjoyed the conference so much that I did not want to come back.

Everyone genuinely seemed to enjoy their profession. I’m definitely starting to see myself more in this arena of the pharmacy field. Before, I was conflicted on whether I wanted to go into clinical pharmacy or managed care or something industry related.

I also realized that I would like to work for a smaller company. I’m the type of person who likes to be well-versed in many areas and a job in a smaller managed care company would allow me to gain experience in multiple areas rather than having one specific job as what happens in larger companies.

I was able to talk with many managed care residents and many of them seem content with their residencies compared to the usual stressed looking clinical residents. I would definitely take a managed care residency as my first preference.

The only difficult thing is the location. As much as I would like to be close to family, it is hard to find managed care residencies that are located close to home, Miami. Usually, you end up practicing where you do your residencies.

So, we’ll see what happens and where life takes me after graduation. But, I would definitely attend this conference again. I really learned a lot about what I attracted me to this area of pharmacy at the AMCP Nexus 2018 Conference.

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