I Started Listening to Podcasts Every Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am grateful for these podcasts that have helped me to get through some tough times.  I started listening to them a little over a month ago.

These podcasts are kind of a big deal because the kind of changed my life. I want to encourage you all to consume a positive form of media today. Here’s how positive media in the form of podcasts changed my life.

I became more productive.

Most days I am able to accomplish most things on my list including studying daily for 2 hours. I am working on blog content along with some extracurriculars.

I gained more motivation.

I had been very unmotivated lately (see my Unmotivated post from earlier this school year here.) and listening to a podcast on someone’s journey from life struggles to success story encouraged me. It let me know that I wasn’t alone in my struggle and my story now did not have to be my story tomorrow.

I was able to build up a new drive to start doing more in the day and build up this blog more, throw myself into more self-created extracurricular and just find out about what drove my passion to get more done during the day.

I started accomplishing my goals.

I started to actually break down my bigger goals into smaller parts so, I could actually accomplish them without feeling overwhelmed. Usually, my large goals would stay untouched because I didn’t even know how to begin to address them.

  However, I figured out my problem with my huge diva-ish goals. I didn’t break them down! So, I didn’t know how to start. What to do next? I also realized that I was waiting to find proper instruction or credentials to start my large goals. I didn’t need all of that. Just do it and you’ll see what you need to tweak along the way.

I started investing monthly.

I listened to some blogs personal finance blogs along with some LinkedIn Learning courses and decided to invest more. I now try to put $50 into an account per month to invest in whatever I deem valuable.

At first, I was a little skirmish but you develop some tolerance for the monetary loss after a while especially when you know that you probably would have spent more money elsewhere. Also, when you gain more money that’s awesome too. 

I am just investing spending money for now because I am a newbie so, I want to start out small but, I like the feeling of knowing I have an investment in company stocks. It makes me feel a little more important no matter how small the share is. This practice is helping me reach my goal of investing in myself and my future.

I started influencing others with my new-found knowledge.

I began encouraging the people around me to do better and be better. I wanted to share all the positives that I have been getting from my podcasts. I’ve been helping my friends on achieving their goals and even using my newfound skills in my professional organization on campus.

I started a side hustle.

Yep, I finally did it, you guys! You all know that I have been struggling to find a side hustle forever. I started a mini professional development service for students.

I was able to found an area that needed help and developed it into a small business. I even had the courage to share it amongst my close peers.

Right now I am testing it amongst a close group of friends before I launch it on a slightly larger platform but, listening to podcasts on entrepreneurship allowed me to gain the courage I needed to just go for it with my goals.

Overall, you can say that listening to podcasts daily has changed my life for the better. It gives me the encouragement that I need to get through my daily life.

It is helping me move above and beyond where I thought I could go as a student pharmacist and for that I am grateful. I recommend that everyone listen to something positive or inspiring before they begin their day. That can change the entire mood for the day.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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Shika Tamaklo is a pharmacist who graduated from Mercer University (2020). She is a college lifestyle blogger who writes on fitness, health, life struggles, creative side hustles and, occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

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