The Higher-Ups Are Efficient Procrastinators

Yes, I said it. The higher-ups are efficient procrastinators. And it’s not always by choice though. Sometimes you just have so much on your plate, there’s not choice but to procrastinate. This is something that I’ve noticed over the past couple of months.

I know I said that you shouldn’t procrastinate. But as I said before sometimes its not a choice. Life isn’t perfect. And when that becomes the case, you need to be an efficient procrastinator.

How to become an efficient procrastinator                                                             

Work Smart Not Hard

You don’t always need to slave for months and hours over a project, to get a good product. You just need a good game plan. This especially comes into play with things that you do regularly. If you write papers, make a good game plan. That goes into my next tip.

Streamline your processes

If there’s a way you can automate your daily life, do it. Or just create a way of doing things so that you don’t have to think. Taking away some of the decisions from your daily routine can make life less stressful and take away having to think. This definitely coincides with working smart not hard. Automate your processes if you can.

When I have time, I schedule posts in advanced to post automatically. I even schedule social media posts. It saves you time later. Sometimes batching a process helps. Like writing all your social media posts in one day or reading all your papers for a research paper one day before writing. It may not necessarily be fun but it works.

Plan Your Procrastination in Advanced

I think this is what separates the efficient procrastinators from the basic procrastinators. At this point, it may not even be procrastinating. Because you know that you may not have time in the future, but you’ve made the game plan ahead of time. You know that when it comes to writing papers, you need to do a quick outline and then fill in the body. Efficient procrastinators are low-key organized.

Create a generic game plan for that last-minute studying. Hit what you don’t know first, then brush up on the things you’re okay at, and then do a quick refresher on the stuff you’re confident about. Know the quickest way you absorb information and use that technique.

All in all

As you grow and get into more positions in life, you may have less and less time to get more things done. When that time comes, you need to be prepared to be an efficient procrastinator with a game plan. Streamline your processes. You don’t have to work hard all the time. Work smart. It will save you some trouble and buy you some time for other things in life.

The universe just didn’t want me to be productive today. But I made it. I left my chargers at home today and didn’t realize it. I usually try to get things done doing my commute to and from home but, unfortunately that wasn’t possible today.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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