Work-Life Balance: Is There Really Such A Thing?

I know you all are probably tired of me starting every blog the same way. But it’s been tough. And lately, I’ve been contemplating the concept of work-life balance.

I know you can’t always have it all. Life is a juggle. But that’s a hard pill to swallow when you don’t know what you should sacrifice at the moment. I love to sleep. I enjoy working out and going to the gym. I like saving money and I want to eat healthily. So, that means cooking. Do I have the time for all that?

After I come from my rotation, I just feel so drained and unmotivated. Is this how I’m always going to feel after work? Because that’s unacceptable. I can’t be feeling like this every day. Maybe not because I will be getting paid when I get a real job. So, I could probably trade some services to gain back my time. But right now, I cannot afford services. But, I digress.

The point is that I’ve been doubting that a work-life balance exists. And I know that you’ve had doubts too.

What is a work-life balance?

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We all strive for a work-life balance. But to many people, that may mean many different things. Some people enjoy working more while others want to work the bare minimum. And that’s okay. Work-life balance is just that point where you don’t feel as if your work is taking over your personal life and ruining it. This can also go in the reverse direction. You shouldn’t feel like your personal life is making it into your work life and sabotaging your professional development.

How to Have Work-Life Balance?

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The answer is you don’t. Just kidding. Honestly, I’m struggling. But, I dream of the day where I can have work-life balance. I’ve done it before and I can do it again. And so can you!

But, really. How do you obtain work-life balance?

Organize your life

Yes, it’s that simple. Yet, it’s not. Get organized. Use a planner, calendar, or journal. Write down where you’re supposed to be and when you’re supposed to be. Most importantly, don’t forget to constantly check the place where you organized your life. What’s the point of having a planner if you never look at it?

Right now, I have not touched my planner in months because looking at it reminds me of my responsibilities in the far future and it disgusts me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a regular to-do list.

I always have a daily to-do list written somewhere. If I want something done, I usually have to look at my to-do list a couple of times. It won’t always work. But another important part of this step is being intentional with your goals for the day.

Don’t Procrastinate

This is pretty self-explanatory. You can’t have work-life balance if you’re procrastinating. Now, you can’t always plan everything. Sometimes, things are going to happen last minute. But you want to be able to control the things that you can. It just makes life easier.

If you wait until the last day to create your presentation, you are just going to exhaust yourself. And then the other assignments that you have to do will have to be put on hold too.

Soon you’ll find yourself pulling an all-nighter 3 nights in a row for 3 different projects. Not fun. I don’t recommend it. There are only so many miracles that coffee can provide. You may not be able to stay awake during that morning meeting on day 3.

Then, you’ll spend your entire day catching up on sleep on days 3 and 4 when you could be doing something else. Where did the time go? So, try to plan and schedule things accordingly.

Divide and conquer if you can. You don’t have to finish everything in one day. You can do little pieces of your projects daily. It makes it less painful. Ten minutes a day versus 6 hours on the day before the project is due? We all know what sounds better.


This in itself is a skill. Some of us need to learn how to prioritize. That by itself could help a lot with the work-life situation. I admit. I have trouble with this sometimes.

Its easier to do the simple stuff first rather than tackle the harder stuff. But the smart thing would be to start the hard stuff so that you can dedicate more time to the difficult tasks. Then, you can use the remainder of the time to fit in as much of the simple tasks as possible.

You also have to learn how to divide your time into a mix of hard and simple tasks. Having too many difficult tasks will drain you and take up all your time daily. While doing only simple tasks will leave less time for you to focus on the stuff that matters. You’ll have time to sleep, eat, and be merry in the beginning. But you’ll suffer later. Trust me. I know.

Speaking of priorities. Don’t forget to prioritize your health, both mental and physical. Because that matters. Set boundaries and take care of yourself.


In closing, having a work-life balance is a hard task. But it’s possible. It takes some organizing and prioritizing. Procrastination is the enemy of a work-life balance. But you can’t always plan everything in life. Everyone’s definition of work-life balance is different. Some people like to have more work than others. Others like a little more life. But, organization and prioritization can help you to get to your work-life balance goals.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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