Simple Ways To Turn A Bad Day Around

This month has been a rough month for so many reasons and I am glad that it is finally coming to an end. We are starting anew in September. But I thought a great post for today would be simple ways to turn a bad day around.

So many times, we let one bad thing ruin our entire day. Realistically when you look bad on that day, maybe it wasn’t so bad. But all you can think about is the most horrible moment. Ninety-five percent of your day was good, maybe even great. But all you can think about is that awful five percent.

When you woke up, today was a great day. You had time to sip on your tea leisurely for work and even read a little bit. So, what happened? How did everything take a downfall?

You spilled coffee on your favorite blouse before and important meeting, and all of a sudden, the whole mood of the day changes. All you want to do is go home. Everyone was staring at your coffee stain as you presented your ideas to the company. They couldn’t take such an unprofessional person seriously. You’re ruined for life! The whole entire day sucks, right?

Wrong! A bad isn’t permanent and just because one or two bad things happened to you, doesn’t mean you can’t turn a bad day around. Here are a few simple ways to turn a bad day around:

Take Deep Breaths

Yeah, I know. Not the first thing you want to when you’re in the middle of your angry mood. Sometimes you just want to stew in the mood. But, it might do you some good to take a few breaths.

Especially when that customer that thinks they are right about the store policy continues to argue with you like you don’t know exactly what the store policy says because you’ve been working there for years.

Taking a couple of breaths will help you to pause and stop to think. What should you be thinking when you’re taking these deep cleansing breaths? Now, is it really worth it to be arguing with someone who is clearly wrong? Can someone else handle this situation so, you don’t say something you shouldn’t?

Part of turning a bad day around means being an adult and knowing when to walk away from a situation. So, let’s go ahead and call up the manager to handle this situation.

Where Did the Day Go Wrong?

If you’re feeling like today is the worst day ever, chances are you didn’t just feel that way out of nowhere. What triggered that feeling? Was it the spilled coffee or the arrogant know-it-all customer? Where did the day take a turn for the worst? And why did you let it escalate to ruining your entire day?

Think of the Good Things

What are the good things that happened to you that today’s mishaps are overshadowing? There was a whole bunch of free food in the employee’s lounge today.

So, you were able to save money on lunch because you left your lunch home today on accident. You got lucky. Aren’t you grateful for that? Being grateful is a great way to turn a bad day around.

You were able to get through this entire day in one piece. You’re a little tired. But you made it. Tomorrow is a new day, a new start. You’re a survivor.

Make Time for Something You Enjoy

Even if it’s just 5 minutes, make time for something you enjoy today. You deserve it after all you went through today. Plan it and get excited about it. Try and make it one of the last things you do for the day so you can go to bed feeling content.

No one wants to end the day feeling stressed and miserable. Also, if you plan it for later you have something to look forward to for the rest of the day.  You deserve to put yourself first today. Or if you really need to get out of your funk, you can just go ahead and do your relaxation activity now.

That could be taking out all your frustration at the gym, letting go your emotions during yoga, taking a walk and getting a change of scenery to clear your mind, or reading a book to get away from reality for a while. Just make sure to have something you can do to change your mood even if it’s just for a little while.

What Can You Do to Make the Situation Different Next Time?

If you spill coffee on yourself before a presentation, what can you do next time to not let it ruin your day? Keep an extra shirt around or make a diffusing joke during your presentation?

What about the customer that made you lose your cool? Maybe hand her off to the manager sooner? We can learn something new from every situation.

What did you learn? What determines whether you have a bad day? Is it when you get embarrassed in front of others or when you feel caught off-guard? Maybe you can prepare yourself more. Whatever the situation is, you don’t have to let that situation define your day. You can also prevent similar events like these from creating other bad days in the future for you.

Final Words

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We are quick to label a day a bad one. But we can easily turn a bad day around by practicing gratitude. And by realizing that sometimes our bad days are solely defined by one event. You don’t have to let it be that way.

You can take deep breaths in order to pause and think about the situation. You can practice letting the situation go. Find the good things that happened today and focus on those things, not just bad things. Realize that each day is just that, one day.

There is still tomorrow for you to have a better day. One bad day is not the end of the world. Make time to do something you enjoy at the end of the day so that you can end your day on a good note. You deserve it.

Think about how you can handle the situation again in the future. How could you prevent this from ruining your future days? It doesn’t have to be difficult to turn a bad day around.

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