The Quick Essentials of a Healthy Money Mindset

Money is a controversial topic. Everybody wants to know about it and no one wants to talk about it. We are walking around with an unhealthy money mindset. And I want to reverse that. Let’s talk about building a healthy money mindset.

I brought up the term money mindset in my post Why I Chose Patreon. But I think this topic deserved a more in-depth look.

A lot of us out here have toxic money mindsets that we need to get rid of. You are wondering why you’re broke. But you are not allowing yourself to prosper. Yes, I’m starting with that woo-woo stuff again. Your mindset about money is making you stay broke all the time.

What is a toxic money mindset?

toxic money mindset myth: money is the root of all evil
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Money is the Root of All Evil

A toxic money mindset is what you are doing now. You are vilifying money. You call money the root of all evil. How do you expect to get more money if you are disgusted by it? It’s no surprise you are repelling money with that type of toxic money mindset.

It’s not the money that’s evil. It’s the person behind the money. Money is an inanimate object. It can neither be good nor evil. The person behind the money has issues of greed.

You need to start changing your mindset to see that. It won’t be easy. Trust me. I’m still working on it. But, once you start to change the way you think about money, you will start to see some differences in the way that money flows into your life.

money is not easy to come by
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Money is Not Easy to Come By

You’re probably thinking, Shika, money doesn’t just grow off trees. It’s not easy to come by. I can’t just open my mind to money and get rained on by hundred dollar bills. If it was that easy I would have done it years ago. I would be on my private yacht sailing the world right now.

I know getting money and wealth seems very difficult. But you also need to start realizing that money is literally easy. Think about it.

Someone is making millions right now off of selling belts. Just belts. Yes, there is competition in the belt market. But there will always be someone who will want to buy that person’s specific belt.

Stop making it difficult for yourself to make money. Someone is selling a book about what to do at Disney right now. And making money. People will buy what you’re selling. It doesn’t always have to be difficult. And it doesn’t always have to be the typical way of making a living.

Break your toxic money mindset. Start rewiring your brain to have a healthy money mindset.

I Don’t Want to Be Ruled By Money Or Be Shallow

If you think the desire to have money makes you shallow, you are still in a toxic money mindset. No, desiring money does not mean that you are chasing money.

Sometimes you need to realize that the reality of the situation is that money makes life easier. Money won’t buy you happiness. But it does give you the ability to have many choices. There are many reasons why a person can desire money besides being shallow.

I want to be able to live in comfort where the thought of bills doesn’t stress me out. To me, that’s wealth.  Some people want the freedom to do whatever they want and be their own boss.  

Maybe you want to be able to pay all your debt and be able to travel the world freely.  Money won’t buy your happiness. But it will give you options. That’s what a healthy money mindset is about.

what a healthy money mindset looks like
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What does a healthy money mindset look like?

A healthy money mindset realizes that money is an inanimate object that is neither good nor bad. You know that you can make money doing literally anything. You do not have to resign yourself to being a fancy engineer if you know you hate both numbers and science.

A healthy money mindset knows that money can come and go with ease. Money is everywhere and can be made with the right mindset and determination no matter what the niche of the market they are in.

A healthy money mindset prioritizes themselves and their health before others. Because how can you pour into others if you have nothing. A healthy money mindset takes care of themselves. Because they know that they can best help others if they are doing their best.

But it doesn’t mean that they are selfish. The person with this mindset can give knowing that wealth will flow back to them. And that wealth does not always have to be in the form of money. It can be in the form of a favor, a gift, or an opportunity.

how do you achieve a healthy money mindset
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How do you achieve a healthy money mindset?

Realize that it doesn’t have to be hard work all the time. Do what you love and follow the money. Yes, you can do both at the same time. They do not have to be separate.

  • Write the things that you believe about money. What are the negative thoughts? Why do you believe them? How can you dismantle those thoughts?
  • Imagine yourself in your wealthy state. What will your life look like? What are your life goals and how will money affect that?
  • How will you be able to help the people you love by having more money?
  • How will you be able to make the world a better place?

If you have your own business, these are some other things to think about.

  • Are you charging what you are worth?
  • Do you want to live off your passion alone? Are you charging enough to pay your bills, pay yourself, and your expenses or are you in debt doing what you love? How can you change that?
  • How long did it take you to get the skills that you have now? Is it paying off? How can you make the time you spent perfecting your trade pay off now?
  • Who are your best customers? Who are your worst customers? Who are your cheapest customers? If your worst customers are also your cheapest customers, fire them. They’re costing your business more time and money while stressing you out for no reason. Let them go and prosper.


A healthy money mindset is a very powerful thing in life. It can help you to expand your choices in life. A toxic money mindset will keep you in bondage. I want you all to prosper, be happy, and have the freedom to choose your lifestyle. So, today I give you the gift of some money mindset tips.

 For more in-debt money mindset advice, read the following books. I thought they were very insightful when it came to money and business in general.

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  • You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
  • Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
  • Business Brilliance by Lewis Schiff
  • How to Attract Money By Dr. Joseph Murphy

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