Why the Journey Matters More Than the End

I feel like I should have a Success Series at this point. I have so many blog posts geared towards success on here. However, I think that success is an important part of personal growth and development. But that’s just the endpoint. Today we talk about the journey.

What about everything that happens in-between now and your end-goal? While success is important to personal growth and development, the journey to success is just as important. Some may even argue that the journey to success is even more important than the endpoint.

There are so many times where we just get caught up in the end-goal. You know, the part where your business is already booming. Or getting the job after the degree.

But sometimes you forget to enjoy the journey and the people that you meet along the way. You are so focused on the goal, that your vision has become narrow. Too narrow.

You are missing the opportunities around you. You’re missing opportunities that you can take advantage of during your journey. These are things that can make your success worthwhile. I’m telling you.

Success is great. But the journey is important. The journey is what will help you to appreciate the fruit of your labor even more.

Journey vs Destination: Why the journey is Important?

why the journey to success matters
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You appreciate the results more

When you remember all the trauma you went through to get to where you are today. You become more grateful and appreciative.

You know when you think about how you applied to so many schools and how you barely had money for the applications and the interviews. Your GPA was atrocious.

And yet, here you are today, in school. Your goal today is to graduate and work at Elite, Incorporated as a Business Consultant. But you didn’t always think you had a chance and your GPA wasn’t always above a 3.5 like it is now.

You remember when you felt like this was the end of your dream. You weren’t going to get into the right college. You weren’t going to be able to afford to even pay the money to hold your spot.

It’s crazy when you think about it now. Some days you might have been a little ungrateful because all you can think of is graduating and getting a job.

You’ve forgotten the journey you took and just how far you’ve come. But if you were to just reminisce every now and then. You would have some gratitude and give yourself some mercy.

You’re so hard on yourself because you are always looking towards the next big thing. Nothing you ever do seems to be enough for the moment. You are always living in the future. Slow down.

Because what you learn on the way may contribute to your next journey

Yes, there are lessons to be learned on the journey to success. If you are always looking to the future, you might miss some of the life lessons. You might miss some of the life lessons that may help you in your next journey.

The things that you learn on your journey help you to build character. It is everything that you go through in life that has helped to shape you for who you are.

You can’t just ignore the journey that it takes you to get to success. It is the things that you go through on that journey that make you grow as a person. These life lessons shape the way you approach new goals.

You spent numerous days preparing to start your business. You went through so many obstacles. From ordering less-than-stellar quality supplies to learning how to delegate correctly without backlash. That helped you to grow as a person and a business owner.

Now, in your next business, you know that cutting corners may not always be a good thing for certain items. And you also know that you can’t exactly do everything in your business.

The best businesses have good delegation and can run without the owner present. But, if you hadn’t paid attention to the journey it took you to get to a successful business, you may not have learned.

Your second business might not have been saved from repeating the same mistakes all over again. Just the thought of that alone could stress you out. Learn from the journey.

You meet people that can leave an imprint on your life

you meet people along the journey
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Through the journey that is life, many people come and go. Some people stay in our lives longer than others. But we can all learn something from the people in our lives.

We can even gain more than a life lesson, but a team. Every now and then, you will find the perfect person for your elite team of supporters. You will meet people who will be your best ally. Especially when it comes to getting over the obstacles in our journey to success.

Even the people who are there for a mere millisecond can be useful and teach us life lessons. They can show us who we do or don’t want to become. They can connect us to other people.

But sometimes we don’t pay attention to the people who seem to be passing by. When we are just focused on the end-goal. Sometimes we cut out the people who can help us.

We miss a sign or our blessing. That classmate may know someone that can help you with your dreams. They may be the best support you’ve ever had. Or sometimes you could be the one to help them.

So don’t forget to enjoy the journey

enjoy the journey
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These are just 3 reasons why the journey to success may matter more than the end-point, itself. You can appreciate your success more by being present on the journey.

By looking back at what it took to get you to where you are now, you become more appreciative of your successes. Looking forward to new goals is great but, you will not be satisfied if you only live in the future looking forward to new goals. What about now? When will you be happy? Now or later?

Postponing your happiness for your success is a death sentence to your life. Learn what you can from the journey. Use what you learn to set your new goals. It can help you to avoid the same old obstacles repeatedly. And lastly, enjoy the people you meet on the journey. These people can end up being your best asset.

From helping you to network to just being a support system while you are going through your journey. Don’t forget that the people you meet and the things you learn on your journey are just as important, if not more important, than the endpoint.

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