The Surprising Truth Behind Dreaming Bigger

The surprising truth is you are not dreaming big enough! You know your biggest dream? Not big enough. Not outrageous enough! You need to be dreaming bigger.

let your dream be bigger than your fears
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You know what your problem is? You think too small. You’re afraid that if you really dreamed about what you wanted; you would fail.

Or, even worse, you would succeed. Then, where would you go from there? Could you really handle the success of your dreams?

You’re scared aren’t you. But just as you figured out how to handle the life you live in failure; you’ll figure out how-to live-in success.

Every success started with a dream.

every success started with dreaming bigger
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Your dream is your vision. It is what you desire for yourself. There is nothing too big for you. Yes, you can be a pilot and a salesperson.

You can be a doctor and an actor. There are no rules! The only rules are the ones that you make for yourself.

There is nothing that says you can’t be a pilot and a salesperson. If you are a natural born salesperson at heart and you always wanted to fly, go right ahead. There’s no need to set conventional limits for yourself.

Big dreams create passions and drive motivation.

What better motivator than your own dreams? The reason why you haven’t been motivated is because you can’t picture it. It’s not a part of your dream.

When you see your future, what do you see? What do you dream about?

Are you working towards where you dreamt to be or are you building someone else dream? Are you working towards your own version of success?

Just because being a business major with a fancy internship is seen as successful, doesn’t mean its actually successful.

Do you dream about working for said fancy company one day or another company like it? Then, you might need to re-evaluate.

Whose dreams are you working towards? Yours or society’s stereotypical picture of success?

Maybe that’s why you don’t feel motivated to actually go to your internship.  But what if you do dream bigger and you fall flat on your face?

Even if you fall short of your dream, you are still winning.

So, what if you fail? Stop projecting someone else’s situation onto yourself.

Your colleague failed at her business and now she’s back in the office with you. That doesn’t mean you will fail.

And not every fail is a loss. In fact, aim for failure. Because its better to know that you tried then to spend every living moment thinking about what could have been.

Also, you learn from your mistakes. And if building a business from the ground up is really your dream, you will keep trying despite your failures.

The failures will not discourage you as much because if this is truly your dream then…whatever it takes.

I read a quote this morning (it will be yesterday morning when you read this) on a blog called Success Strategies:

There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in something, you do it when it’s convenient. When you are committed, you accept no excuses…only results.

Kenneth Blanchard

That being said, if you dream big and you are truly committed. You are going to make it happen. No matter how long.

You will make sacrifices and you will accept no excuses. The vision behind the dream will give you the momentum you need to make it happen.

I’m not going to lie to you. It will not all be pretty.

It won't be pretty
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 You will make sacrifices. There will definitely be times where you feel like giving up. But this is why you have to dream bigger.

The bigger the dream, the more likely it is to push you out of your slump when you are at your lowest.

When the school work gets too hard and you’re wondering why you chose engineering, you remember your dream and the possibilities.

You visualize the opportunities and the stepping stone that this engineering degree will give you. If you could just get past these weed-out courses.

You dream of engineering the fastest transportation system so, that people will no longer have to commute for hours. See it; believe it; you can achieve it.

You will push through and if you have to re-take the class, so be it. Because you are never giving up. The future and livelihood of your dreams depend on it.

Determination goes hand-in-hand with dreaming bigger

determination goes hand-in-hand with dreaming bigger
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And because of your determination, you will achieve it. Not just because you have manifested it and willed it into the universe. But because you are more likely to stay on board when things get tough.

When everyone else is quitting there will be a point where you can only succeed because everyone else gave up.

People notice your persistence. You might hear a million no’s before you get one yes. But the laws of probability might be in your favor if you stick around long enough.

It happens in publishing all the time. I don’t think anyone would get published if they didn’t have a vision and the commitment. Some writers get over 40 rejections from publishers before one says yes.

And with that yes, there is no guarantee that book will be successful. If that’s not dreaming big, I don’t know what is.

You need faith in yourself and your abilities when you dream bigger.

Yes, dreaming big is great but what no one tells you is that you actually need to believe those dreams just like the author believes in their book when they send their book proposal out to all those publishers.

You need to start being courageous.

dreaming bigger requires courage
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You can dream bigger all you want but without action, your dream stays a dream.

I’m scared. You’re scared. Everyone’s scared.

But what separates the dreamers from the successful is that the successful act on their dreams. Take a deep breath and just act on your dream.

What is the first step that you can take towards your dream today? Do it.

Don’t waste your time chasing after something you don’t really want. That’s what you’ll do if you continue sticking to the small stuff.

Take action

dreaming bigger
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That’s how you make your dreams come true. That’s what they never tell you about dreaming big.

There are a lot of big dreamers out there. The defining moment comes from the actions you take.

Break down your dream into actionable pieces and make it happen. How do you get from regular salesperson to pilot salesperson? Pilot classes? Sign-up today.

Look for classes near you. Go check out the place. Make your vision more real day by day.

Don’t be afraid to dream bigger.

Dream bigger than your fear. Your dreams will connect you to your inner self. That alone is fulfilling.

You never know. Dreaming bigger might just help you find your purpose.

What matters to you and where you want to be? Your subconscious mind will show it to you in your dreams.

You might just be one of those people who never “work” a day in their lives because they are so happy and fulfilled with, they’re doing. It is not impossible to be one of those people.

Just start to dream bigger. Stop putting limits on your dream. You limit your dreams every day.

As a kid, you had no limits. You were a superstar, pilot, doctor. Why can’t you do that now? And don’t use the excuses. You could do it if you planned it out right.

Become a doctor, then get into acting. Pay for your pilot classes with your celeb/ doctor money. Outrageous right? Maybe not.

Just open yourself the possibilities that you deserve an extraordinary life. Then, you will be able to dream bigger.

The dreams you had before were too small. You probably realize that now. You can do better than that.

What’s your most outrageous dream? If anything could happen, where would you see yourself in the future? How would you make that happen?

Yes, I know it seems impossible now. But, why is it impossible? Your mindset? Or is it truly impossible?

If someone’s done it before at least once, it’s possible. Dream it, strive for it, and achieve it!

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