The Compelling Reason to Guard Your Goals

Guard your goals. If you really, truly desire to excel, don’t tell everyone what your goals are. That’s sabotage waiting to happen. I’m completely serious here. It’s not just the fact that some people are trying to hold you back, but there are many other factors here.

Hi, I’m Shika and this is the story of why you should guard your goals. First, let’s deal with the obvious reason why you might not want to announce to the world your new plans to further pursue more education: the haters.

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So, you’ve decided to further pursue your education. You have a bachelors, a doctorate and now you want to go to school again? Isn’t that a little excessive? Are you a professional student? Don’t you already have enough loans?

The hate continues, etc, etc… If you are going to succeed at getting this extra degree, don’t tell anyone you don’t have to tell. Why?

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Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt is a lie. You are lying to yourself. All the hate and negative energy are adding and multiplying. It’s draining you of your motivation.

And now, every little bump in the road becomes magnified due to the words that these haters have put in your head. You applied to schools and they are taking a little while to get back to you.

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Do I really need to go to school again? It might be a little excessive. Maybe it’s not meant to be, I should just give up. I have enough degrees.

If you did, would you have had the idea to go to school again? I don’t think so. You see all the prices of the supplemental applications. Then, the price of tuition really hits you.

Isn’t this an online program? It’s supposed to be cheaper? Don’t I already have enough loans?

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See, it’s the same things other people told you masking themselves as your own thoughts. Sabotaging your motivation and poisoning you slowly.

You are also just less likely to do what you said you would do after telling others. So, what about accountability? Yeah, I don’t know what happened to that. Maybe, it only works when someone is checking on you periodically.

For example, knowing that you have to send accountability reports may get you to actually start working. But, if not, you’re better off keeping your goals to yourself.

Maybe the failure to perform under pressure might be the thing? You told your best friend that you want to create an App that does this amazing thing. Now, you’re expected to be an App creator and tech savvy.

You have the recognition now. Do you need to work as hard now? Ehh, maybe not. You’re already halfway to app creator. That’s what people call you now.

Do you know anything about the app creation process? That’s still a no. But you can learn that later.

Studies show that people are less likely to do what they said they would do if they received social recognition for their goals before even doing it.

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The other reason you might want to refrain from announcing your goals to the world is competition. Now, you may say that competition means nothing to you, then good for you.

But for some people, it’s discouraging. You tell someone that you want to become a pharmacist and they tell you the field is saturated. True story.

Many people have been discouraged from that line alone. My motto is if it’s for you, it’s for you. A door will open up. So, I went ahead and applied anyways.

But so many people did not. People are going to mention competition and if you are one to get discouraged by that, don’t tell anyone. Because you are going to say, I want to start a blog. Then, someone’s going to say, everybody and their grandmama have a blog these days.

To that, I will say: yeah, they do. But there is only one you. Someone likes the way you write and will eagerly await your posts. But I digress.

My point is that if you’re really truly want to succeed, guard your goals. Guard your goals with your life. People will try to discourage you and not always on purpose.

They truly think that they are trying to help you, but they are stuck in the self-limited mindset. If you are going to fail, let it be by your own efforts so you can learn from it and not be able to point fingers at anyone.

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Guard your goals so you can be able to achieve your goals. Work in silence. They can find out about you once you win the Nobel Prize for your accomplishments in Science.

You know yourself and you know your friends and family. You know who you can tell your goals to. You know who will keep you accountable, encourage you, and who will try to bring you down.

Use your discernment. Not all of these rules will apply to all the goals and all the people in your life. Guard your goals.

I’ve said my piece for today.

Side note: This weekend, I finally had time to do nothing. It was amazing! I got a well-deserved break and I think my brain is functioning better now.

Breaks will do miracles! Take a break, people. That is my request for you today besides, you know, guarding your goals.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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