Manifest Your Dreams

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts again and it seems like this week the theme was manifesting. All these people just kept on bringing up the power of manifesting your destiny. Manifest your dreams! As if its so easy!

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I never used to believe in that stuff (the power of attraction and manifesting), the woo-woo stuff. But that woo-woo stuff is pretty powerful. I’ve manifested many of my dreams without even realizing it.

You’ve done it too. You ever wanted something so bad? You had the vision in your head.

You were going to Elite University. You were going to major in something science-y. Then you would graduate and get your doctorate in Really Prestigious Affairs (RPA).

Fast forward 10 years later, you did it. You went to Elite University and majored in something science-y (Chemistry). And now, you are well on your way to a doctorate degree in RPA.

You saw the vision so clearly and were able to manifest your dreams into a reality. Manifesting is magic and it’s not. That drive that you have for your dream is connected to manifesting.

Maybe you didn’t realize that you were manifesting because it didn’t turn out too well all the time. It’s like making a wish with a genie. Sometimes specificity helps.

You remember that time you manifested your “dream position” at that major company, ABCD, Inc. You were so excited. You had always dreamed about working at ABCD, Inc. But you forgot the details when you visualized the dream.

You forgot to manifest a boss that cared about your growth and made you feel like you actually mattered. You forgot to manifest the company culture. So you ended up in a nightmare, long story short.

This where people say that life doesn’t go as planned. But you visualized it and manifested your dreams. You may have lacked some specificity and intentionality. But you live and you learn. So, you’re still confused.

What is manifesting?

It’s magic and not magic. Actually, the definition is less woo-woo than we all would have expected. I guess the word manifesting just sounds like something a magician would do.

But in reality, manifesting is intentionally creating what you want. Would you look at that? It doesn’t leave your destiny at the hands of the universe! You are in control of your own destiny. You can manifest your success.You can intentionally create your success.

How do you start manifesting your success?

First of all, look at the definition. Intentionality.

Be intentional with your goals.

Know why you want to manifest your dream and chase after it. Visualize it and motivate yourself.

Be specific.

Be clear on your goals. If you’re not clear on your goal, you can just end up anywhere. This is why people make SMART goals. You know specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely goals. We all heard it before and probably ignored it at one point in our lives.

Get rid of your distractions.

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There are a lot of distractors out there. We live in a world of technology and sometimes that can be a good and a bad thing. Sometimes the technology can distract you and lead you to miss out on the real-life opportunities hitting you in the face.

Take action.

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Just manifesting and visualizing will not do anything for you. Take action and opportunities when it hits you in the face. Let me insert some woo-woo.

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The universe is trying to help you. You heard someone in front of you talking about an internship in the RPA industry for a reason. It wasn’t completely coincidental.

Yeah, you don’t know the details. But you heard the name of the internship. Google it! You don’t live in the stone age!

Take action!

And most of all believe that it will happen.

I’m going to Japan one day. I firmly believe it will happen and it will. I may have had a couple of missed opportunities but it will happen sooner or later.

If you have trouble believing that it will happen just affirm it. Manifesting and affirmations go hand-in-hand. Sometimes with affirmations, you have to say it to yourself even if you don’t believe it.

Then, day by day as you take action and start to come closer to your dreams, you will start to believe it.

I also have a little surprise! I made a workbook based off some of my previous blogs to help you plan your goals and motivate yourself. This goal book is a 23-page workbook to help you find your why and make smart goals. This is my first time making something like this. I hope you enjoy! Click on the image below to download/print this workbook for free. NO SIGN-UPS! NO NOTHING! Enjoy!

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