Fix Your Self-Care Routine

You need to fix your self-care routine. Self-care has become a buzzword. Every day we hear or read about someone praising self-care. But do you actually know what self-care is?

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It’s not just a spa day. The whole point of self-care is to improve or maintain your overall health. It’s you taking an active role in your own well-being and happiness. Isn’t that empowering!

But at some point self-care became a stress point. Some of you all know what I mean. It’s Tuesday so I have to do my facial or it’s Wednesday so I have to work out.

Self-care has just become another thing to add to our to-do list. And that kind-of defeats some of the purposes of self-care. Didn’t you want to unwind? Now you’re wound back up!

The cool thing about self-care is that you don’t have to do anything. Did you know that there is more than one type of self-care? Oh, yes there is! Today, I am going to introduce you to a few of them.

Physical Self-Care

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The first one is your basic physical self-care. This is the most popular and well-known type of self-care. You’re pampering yourself, using bath bombs, exercising regularly for those endorphins, etc.

The point of this type of self-care is to do what makes your body feels good. Take care of your basic physical needs: eat, bath, cloth yourself. I won’t focus on this one. Most of us are pros here.

Emotional Self-Care

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Emotional self-care is the next thing. Many people confuse physical self-care with emotional self-care. Yes, you feel cleaner and a little lighter after a bath. But it’s not always going to take away your stress and all your worries.

Emotional self-care is processing your emotions and doing so in a healthy way. It is creating an emotional intelligence within yourself, creating healthy coping mechanisms. Write in a journal, practice gratitude, find your emotional support group.

Take the time to learn how to cope with stress in a healthy way. That is self-care. That is taking care of your mental health. It is knowing that you need to feel your feelings instead of pushing them away.

Personal Self-Care

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Personal self-care is something that I stress a lot on this blog. This also correlates with emotional self-care.

Get to know yourself. Spend time alone and really get to know you. You get to know other people all the time but do you know you.

What do you really want in life? What do you like? What is a success to you?

Try new things. You never know. You might just find that you like something new.

Make time for your hobbies. It’s been a while since you painted. Make goals for yourself. Connect to why you’re putting yourself to the stress of school in the first place.

Social Self-Care

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Social self-care is something that extroverts can relate to more than I can. But introverts can still get some renewed energy from the social setting. You just have to know the right amount of social interaction that feels good for you.

Know the right people to hang around. You have your team. Let them replenish your energy.

Laugh! Have fun! Doesn’t feel good to laugh until you can’t breathe? Find the people that make you feel that way.

Also, create boundaries with the people who seem to enjoy holding you back. Life isn’t perfect. We can’t always choose who we are around. For those times, creating good boundaries can be helpful.

Spiritual Self-Care

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Spiritual self-care is very important whether you believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing force or not. In fact, spiritual self-care is figuring what your beliefs are.

Some of us do not know what we believe. You know what your parents believed and what your grandparents believed. You know what other religious groups believe. What do you believe?

Read books on spirituality. Pray, and if you don’t pray, meditate. Find your peace. Find your community. Challenge your spiritual ideals. The keyword is yours. Don’t go challenging and fighting other people on what they believe.

Practical Self-Care

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Last but definitely not least is practical self-care. This is keeping up with chores, finances, and work. Yes, the boring mundane stuff, the stuff that probably made you stressed in the first place. This is self-care.

Don’t let your apartment get cluttered and dirty. That affects how you feel and operate daily. You ever clean your apartment and feel like your life is more put together? That’s self-care. You just made a difference.

Take care of your finances. You’re anxious because you don’t know what’s in your bank account and you just keep spending.

Find out how much you spend and what you can spend. Make a budget. Adopt a healthy financial mindset.

Budgets are not made to restrict you. They are made to help you live well. Yes, that first look at your finances might be very eye-opening. But it will help you realize how much you really need to be saving or making to live your version of a successful life.

And with work, set healthy work boundaries. Don’t take your work into lunch with you every day. Set up times to check your emails.

If you answer emails at all hours, you are allowing people to email you at all hours and expect a response from you. Take care of yourself.

Hope I helped someone improve their self-care routine! And remember that your self-care routine does not have to be routine to anyone else but yourself. Feel free to be creative when you fix your self-care routine! It is not mandatory to do any of these on a schedule. That’s stressful!

Thanks for reading my rant!

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I don’t think I’ve written this much in a little while. Maybe because I’ve rested and caught up on my sleep recently. I start my 4th year rotations today. I’m nervous and excited! Wish me luck!

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