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Before I begin, I feel as if it’s been an eternity since I last posted even though I only missed Monday. The conference I attended recently threw off my schedule but, I’m happy to be back!

Today I am reviewing PDFelement! I am proud to say that this is my first sponsored post and I am very excited to share with a wonderful tool you with all! If you are a busy person, and most of are, you definitely want to keep reading this. If you have ever opened a PDF file or wanted a PDF software, but Adobe was not in your budget, keep reading!

So, what is PDFelement?

PDFelement is an online software that allows you to create and manage PDFs. You all received an email with an attachment or downloaded a random PDF off the internet before. When you opened the PDF, it was probably in some type of PDF manager such as Adobe. Most people use a PDF to save files when they don’t want the format to get messed up when its sent elsewhere.

Have you ever sent a file to someone only to have it open up and look completely different? Saving your files as a PDF prevents that issue.  Have you ever wanted to type or sign on a PDF but, you couldn’t because that means you had to purchase the software-that-shall-not-be-named that’s also not in your budget? Well, so have I. But, I found another solution.

Now, you can sign your PDF online at a cheaper price. No more wasting trees! Send your signed documents without ever printing a single sheet again! I love these types of features in a PDF manager especially since my laptop has touchscreen capabilities. It makes life easier.

When exactly would I use PDF editing? Isn’t that only for the pros?

When it comes to PDF editing, sometimes it can feel a bit intimidating. In fact, I tend to steer clear of it because one, that’s premium equipment and skills and two, it just wasn’t easy.

 But from the minute, I opened PDFelement, I was impressed by its clean and professional look. It was also very easy to figure out what everything was within a few minutes of exploration.

PDFelement Screenshot Shika's College Lifestyle Blog

What I found amazing about PDFelement was that I could edit just about any PDF, not just my own. Which comes in handy for editing my class schedule on the original syllabus. PDFelement is great for students, not just professionals. Just click on the text you would like to edit and get to typing!

PDFelement Edit Class Schedule Shika's College Lifestyle Blog

Just think of all the documents you open throughout the day and have to turn in! How embarrassing is it when you turn in your assignment but your professor cannot read it because you saved it as docx files but the professor can only read doc files. If you start typing in PDFelement, you may never have to convert when you save. Everyone can open a PDF.

Not everyone can edit one though. Guess who wrote their blog post in PDFelement? I did! You can create a PDF from scratch using a textbox that you can edit to any size. But, I digress.

PDFelement Create PDF Shika's College Lifestyle Blog
Look! It’s a blog within a blog!

What about that one time your professor uploaded the lecture as a PDF and you had to scour the web for free non-sketchy PDF converter? PDFelement can convert a PDF into powerpoint, word documents and more. What a relief!

 What about editing resumes?

You can edit your resume as a PDF right in the software. There is no need for reverse engineering. You know what I mean, opening your resume as a Word document then saving it again as a PDF under a slightly different name. PDFelement also has access to templates.

PDFelement Edit Resume Shika's College Lifestyle Blog

Many of the templates are useful for people starting a business. They have job application forms, business plan templates, budget templates, etc. Entrepreneurs, that’s you! But, there are also Cover Letter and Resume templates.

PDFelement Cover Letter Templates Shika's College Lifestyle Blog

Did you know you can combine documents too?

I have tears of joy right now! Combining PDF files and other documents without having to copy, paste, reformat the document, then convert back to a PDF is a dream come true! It also saves you time! You and I both know how valuable extra time is.

So, what’s the verdict on PDFelement?

I usually steer clear of PDF editors. Adobe’s price scared me away but, who isn’t attracted to the concept of filling out forms easily online and sending them back? Don’t you hate having to wait to get to a printer in order to fill out a form than having to scan it to send it back to the sender? So much extra work!

 I usually open my PDFs in Xodo which allowed me to write on forms but, I could never actually edit PDFs, convert them, or combine PDFs! You can do this all in one place with PDFelement which is definitely a plus. I will say that I found the handwritting portion in the comments to be a little laggy.

Also, it would be nice if the margins were on the PDF, but it’s not mandatory. I would also love the capability to integrate grammar checking software.

Grammar and spelling is a must for every piece of writing that is going to more than just your eyes. People out there judge you by your grammar. I’m sure you all have judged my errors at least once.

The OCR capabilities, the ability to recognize scanned documents, were a little off. I knew it would not be perfect. But, I definitely had more hope for it. I’ll be waiting on improvements because I am constantly scanning documents and would love to be able to effortlessly convert them to text documents.

PDFelement Document Scan Shika's College Lifestyle Blog
PDFelement OCR Shika's College Lifestyle Blog

Overall, I was amazed by the PDF editing, conversion, and creation capabilities! I will definitely be using it to convert my documents and create new PDFs. I love that there are templates available!

I love the ability to edit all PDFs even the ones that are not yours. You will definitely feel like a smarter worker with PDFelement. Convert all the documents you like until your heart’s content! You will save yourself time and money with PDFelement!

Thanks for reading my rant!

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