Habits That Bring Peace of Mind

Over the past couple of years, I have developed some interesting habits that bring me peace of mind, especially, when I am stressed and feel like nothing is going my way. That feeling comes quite often being in university. We can also call this list how I procrastinate when I am avoiding something or maybe this is what keeps me together in life.

  1. Candles- I just love the smell of a nice candle. Any warming scent is great. A staple in my life is a nice Apple Cinnamon candle or an Apple pie scent. It just makes my whole apartment smell delicious and cozy like freshly baked goods. That is always a homey feeling to me.

blur bottle bright candle
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  • Tea- The warm feel of tea gliding down my throat or the feel of the warm tea-cup pressing against my chest is just a soothing feeling. I automatically have the urge to take deeper and slower breathes and just bask in the present moment. I have a deep appreciation of teas and all the different flavors. I look forward to collecting different flavors for my tea drawer. I always have green tea and black tea. Those are staples. I have recently been getting into peppermint tea before bed. I love it!

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  • Cleaning My Room/ Apartment- Now, there is just something about a clean apartment that is so fulfilling. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before in one of my previous blog posts way back when but, a clean house is a clear mind. My life just feels so much more in control or at least from the front end when my apartment is clean and clear of all physical nuisances. When everything is in its place I feel at peace. When things are out-of-place I sometimes start to feel anxious especially if I know that I will not be able to fix it soon like if I have guests for a prolonged time. It irks me until they leave and I can reorder it. Not to say that I am always neat. I have a lot of times where my apartment is disorganized but, other people’s mess feels different from mine because usually, they don’t bother to rearrange things how they found it.

  • If you’re living in a pigsty and don’t know where to start, try checking out my Cleaning Checklist on Etsy.

    person wearing pair of yellow rubber gloves
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  • Having a Daily Schedule/ Check-List- There is something satisfying about crossing something off a checklist. It definitely makes more likely to complete a task. Maybe, obligation? I don’t know but, that’s what works for me. Without a checklist, things become less obligatory and I start picking and choosing what I want to do and leaving other things to the last-minute. Not to mention, I also forget to do some things. This is why I make sure I always have a planner and one that is pleasant to look at for school because all the things we have to do gets tiring. It gets to the point where I just want to throw the planner somewhere because I’m tired of doing mandatory stuff but, anyways back to things that give me peace of mind.

  • pen calendar to do checklist
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  • Alone Time- I am definitely an introvert. I love to have company sometimes but, I can only stand company for too long. Then, I need to recharge my batteries. This is even true with my own family members and they know it too. I cannot be with them the entire day. I at least need some time to myself until I feel up to being in someone else’s presence for some time again. Some may say its selfish but, that’s just me. Being around people for too long is draining. When I was younger, I used to become quite unpleasant to guest after they out-stayed their welcome in my book. My mom used to get so mad at me. Now, I can hold my smiling appearance a little longer but, I definitely know how to leave to reboot more politely now.

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  • Reading- Reading isn’t something I get to do often. Well, at least for pleasure, that is. But, when I do, it is so invigorating to be able to step out of your world and into a new world. This is something I really enjoyed doing this summer break that just passed.

  • selective focos photography of man in white sweater reading book
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    These are definitely the top 6 things that I enjoy and do when things get too much. Coping mechanisms or self-care methods, whatever you would like to call them, go ahead.

    Thanks for reading my rant. What are some habits that bring you peace of mind? Comment below. I would love to know. Don’t forget to like this post and follow this blog if you want more content like this.

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