To Social Media Or Not To Social Media?

A couple of years ago, I started this thing where I go off of social media for a month during the summer in order to avoid social envy/ depression/etc.

This year, I stopped using social media during the month of June and as much as I missed sharing funny memes and videos things on social media, I also enjoyed this month free of social media.

I feel as if I got to reclaim a lot of my time back, time that I would have just spent scrolling absent-mindedly through Facebook or envying bodies on Instagram or envying vacations on Snapchat.

I was able to fully enjoy my 24 hours. I felt as if I had more time in a day. I was able to start re-learning some hobbies and catch up on my reading. It was wonderful. I may have also replaced my social media addiction with a Pinterest addiction.

I was pinning new drawing techniques to try, recipes and workouts. I know, I know Pinterest is technically social media but, I don’t find it as destructive to my mental health so I exempted it from my cleanse.

All I do is pin food and outfit combinations most of the time. Recently, I started a board so I could revamp my room at home (in my dreams because I’m broke). Another thing I am trying is meditation. So far, it’s been better than all the previous times in my life where I have tried to get into meditation. My mind is bad at quieting itself so, this time I just try to go with the flow.

I just got back on social media and I can already feel some negative effects taking its toll on me, particularly Instagram. As soon as went on Instagram, I saw pictures of body inspiration or fitspo and I could just feel my mood declining and the happiness the confidence that I had in my body over the month start to decline.

This always happens when I accidentally click on the explore page of Instagram. So, I’ve definitely decided to go back to Instagram with caution. I am only responding to direct messages from friends and family and occasionally looking at the Instagram of those I follow but, even that needs caution.

As for Facebook, I really haven’t got back to Facebook. Occasionally, I’ll check my notifications but, it’s not something I am bothered by. On Snapchat, once again, direct messages mostly and I post occasionally.

For anyone, who wants to go on a social media cleanse, I highly recommend it, especially for time-saving and concentration purposes.  At first, you may find yourself accidentally clicking on Instagram.

Then, you’ll rush to click out of the App before it’s too late but, eventually you’ll get used to it and find something more productive to do with your time.

It’s definitely safer than the other celebrity cleanses or detox. It definitely gave me time to ponder upon my life and reconnect myself with hobbies that I had long given up on for lack of time or interest.

Thanks for listening to my rant,

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