You, Yourself, Are Not a Label

You, yourself, are not a label. In fact, you could not fit on a label. Put everything that you are onto a label and it would not fit. You are not one label and you are not even many. Humans are not meant to be labeled or categorized and yet, we do it anyways to soothe ourselves. So, let’s try it. Lets create a label for ourselves.

Lets start with your roles in life. To your mother, you are her first-born daughter, future doctor as she calls you affectionately. You are a student and someone’s older and younger sister. You are a friend and a bearer of random but, sometimes useful facts.

How could you even forget these things and dare to use a label, one label, to define yourself? The label you use is fat. But, lets dissect that, as we do everything. What do you really mean when you say that you are fat or feel fat?

You mean that by society’s standards you feel unattractive, shameful, disgusting, and unworthy. Then, because of this fat sensation, you feel disappointment and sadness. Think of all the diets and fitness you failed. But, did you really fail or were these tactics slightly unreasonable. I’m being nice.

Did your body fail you or did you fail your body? All the hints and warnings your body gave you and you ignored it because you were trying to fit yourself into a label.

You were neither skinny nor fat so, you defaulted to fat. You wanted to be skinny after being ‘fat’ for so long. I could cry for you. In fact, I have cried for you and all the others like you. I’m sorry I did not listen to the warnings my body gave me. I am trying to understand again, to understand what it is to be reconnected to your body.

After being separate for so long, it is hard to reconnect. After ignoring hunger for so long, I find myself questioning: am I really hungry, is this hunger? Basic human concepts, I think I’ve forgotten.

You are a secret lover of fitness. Hate cardio but, love to strength train. The only cardio you do is dancing, in secret you dance the most passionately. Where did you learn to become a secret? Is it because it does not quite fit your label? Shy, quiet, skinny-fat does not fit dancer?

But, don’t forget that you are also thoughtful and intelligent. Look how far you’ve gotten in life. Does that not matter? What do you call a person who enjoys being with people they love but, also enjoys being alone? That’s you. You are an introverted semi-extrovert, an ambivert. But, why do you need a label?

You are more than a label. No label could be as multifaceted as you. I know the label seems easier but, not every complex thing needs to be simplified for people to accept. Just embrace it. You, yourself, are not a label. You are a living, breathing, loving human being with a 3D 4K HD personality, too much and too long for labels.


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Shika Tamaklo is a pharmacist who graduated from Mercer University (2020). She is a college lifestyle blogger who writes on fitness, health, life struggles, creative side hustles and, occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

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