On Success and Failure

I don’t think success is one moment in time but rather many different moments of achievement throughout time. Success is not a static thing. It is constantly moving.

It is dynamic like the people who strive for it. That being said, do we ever really achieve success? Maybe. Maybe not. Success is different in everyone’s eyes. What I deem success is different from someone’s opinion.

There are times where I think that I, myself, am a failure and then someone unknowingly calls me successful. I think success depends on your goals, the impressions that you leave on others and your happiness with what you have achieved in life.

What that looks like is completely different for some people. Some people need power and others see forming a family as success. Neither is bad or better than the other. Some people want both and that’s okay too.

My own personal definition of success has constantly been changing the more I experience life. First, success was getting straight A’s in school, then it was weight loss, then, it was putting myself out there and getting a leadership role, then it was getting into pharmacy school.

Now, success is graduating pharmacy school, being happy and, figuring out where I want to go within the pharmacy arena. This is the more simplistic version of what I call success. There is actually more complexity to it but, I’ll spare those details.

Although, the opposite of success is failure, they are not complete opposites. Even failure can help you be successful or help you define what you think of as success. So, they may even be sisters. Failure, although tough at the moment, has helped me shape my definition of success.

It allowed me to realize that I sometimes I put too much on my plate and that can lead to burn out and unhappiness. I need to learn to balance my personal life and rest with my ambition. That balance for me will be success because what use is it being at the top when you constantly feel stressed, pressured, and spend your off days crying due to stress.

Success for me would also be me trying to deal with its other half, failure. I still have trouble dealing with this bitter pill. I know that we can learn from our failures but nobody ever wants to fail.

The taste of failure is sour and it seems to last forever on my tongue. Sometimes it takes me a while to see past it. To realize that failure helps me to grow and realize what I do and don’t want in life.

What I should and shouldn’t do. Sometimes I feel the need to give up after failure but, I am also to stubborn to give up. If I learned anything from physics in undergrad, it’s that I will continue to go down with a sinking ship even if I know there is no way to save the ship.

I will be there until the very end, hoping for a miracle futilely. That can be a good and a bad thing but, I really need to learn when to abandon ship.

Hopefully, as I continue to grow and learn about myself I can get better at that. I can learn to realize in that moment that failure is not all that bad and remember that I have people to which I can reach out to help me get through my valleys.

I am the type to keep my failures to myself and let poison me sometimes. I can say that I have gotten better at sharing my failures. I also get strength to succeed after my failures so that I can help someone else get through theirs.

There is no one way to success. Knowing that I can help someone else through my experience is success in itself.

Just know that it’s up to you to decide on how you spin your failures. People before you have done it. You can create success from your failure and it’s okay if you so not know how you are going to do that right now.

Just know that there are always people on your team whether you know it or not regardless of your success or failure rate.

Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on success and failure?


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Shika Tamaklo is a pharmacist who graduated from Mercer University (2020). She is a college lifestyle blogger who writes on fitness, health, life struggles, creative side hustles and, occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

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