A Letter to My Younger Self

At first, I didn’t know what I would say but, now I realize that there is actually a lot that I want to say to you, my younger self. Starting off with…

I know you worry a lot about everything: school, your future, money (or lack thereof), being loved, succeeding in life, your weight, etc. The list is endless.

I’m not going to say life gets easier because it doesn’t. Sometimes it gets harder but, I don’t really know where I am going with this. All I can say is find good people.

By good people, I mean those you admire, those who you can grow to consider family when you are not with your blood family.

People who inspire you and people who will care enough to pick you up when you are feeling like you are at your worst because those are the people who will help you to be stronger when you feel weak and when you feel it’s too hard to go on.

Cry on someone’s shoulder. You may feel weak at that moment because you cannot stop the tears but, afterwards you will feel lighter. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes.

You don’t always have to hold it in and cry alone. Be sad but, remember to pick yourself back up. Sometimes you may have to have someone else to prop you back up until you can stand on your own but, that is completely okay.

Listen to your body. I mean REALLY listen. Why are you aching so much? Why are you so tired? So mentally and physically fatigued. Rest. It’s okay to rest and be idle for a while.

No, the world won’t stop because you stopped but, that’s okay. People stop. Humans stop. It’s okay to be human. Stopping because you are in pain will not stop your growth. In fact, it will make you better and stronger than ever.

Exercising more will not fix all your problems. Sometimes, it can make things worse. Just because it doesn’t burn as many calories does not mean that it doesn’t count. You are injuring yourself and I hurt for you. Do what you enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to enter the gym and lift weights. You’ll enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to skip the gym because you are not feeling it. You’ll enjoy that day too.

You CAN eat whatever you want. Do not be afraid. Trust that your body knows when it is hungry. Stop distrusting your natural hunger cues so much. Stop labeling foods as good and bad. Some foods are nutrient for the body, others are nutrients for the soul.

Love yourself. I know its awkward to stand in front of the mirror saying that you love yourself but we can start with a, “you look cute today,” and build up from there.

Keep on working on your own time. It makes you unique. The most common path is not the best path for everyone. Continue to try to become the best you that you can be.

You can be a leader without a title contrary to what most believe. People will see it in you and admire you for it. You are more than what you think you are. You are more than worth it. You are more than enough with or without 10 pounds or a couple of school awards.

By the way, you look cute today.


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Shika Tamaklo is a pharmacist who graduated from Mercer University (2020). She is a college lifestyle blogger who writes on fitness, health, life struggles, creative side hustles and, occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

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