Hello Readers!

I did not post at all last week which has been very unlike me. I usually post late but, never not at all. I’m slacking, y’all! Last week was a very hectic week for me. I had four exams, work, executive board meetings and a lab report due so, I barely had time to breathe. It was a lot but, I made it through. Three of the Four exams have been graded. I did well on all. I’m just slightly upset about my physiology exam I was 1.5% away from an A but, at least I passed. I thank God for giving me the strength and knowledge to pass and get above average on all my exams that have been graded so far. The only grade I am waiting on now is my Microbiology exam grade. That exam was…okay…I guess. But, that’s my fault. I could have studied more but, I was so tired from all the studying and work non-stop all week that I just crashed and did nothing the before the exam.

On top of all that, my laptop got a virus midweek and I had to spend my entire paycheck and more to get it fixed. A whopping $350! I wanted to cry but, my Microbiology exam needs to be taken in class on a laptop so, I couldn’t wait it out to scrape up more money. I thought I was supposed to be saving money this semester. Sigh. I thank God for my job though because I was able to pay for the technician to fix my laptop without having to bother my parents for money.

Anyways, I just want to say I’m sorry for being super lazy and not making any effort to post anything last week. I will post a real blog post later on though. Don’t leave me! I promise I’ll make start writing interesting posts again!

Thanks for listening to my rant!


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Shika Tamaklo is a pharmacist who graduated from Mercer University (2020). She is a college lifestyle blogger who writes on fitness, health, life struggles, creative side hustles and, occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

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