To my dearest readers (or whoever is left)

I am so sorry! Forgive me. I said that I would post on Saturday but, I did not. I’m just really bad at time management when I’m at home. There is no excuse for that. This time I will not make promises about Wednesday and Saturday of this week but, I hope it will happen. By the way, I am back to posting on my laptop so, this post will be a little longer. Yay!

Now, on to the main reason of this post, things have not fallen into my life easily the past couple of months, I dare even say years but, whatever I have put my mind towards and have worked hard for has borne positive fruit. I am very grateful for that. This month and the last has been a testimony to that. Although, life has not come easy, in fact it has been getting progressively harder; I believe my season is near. I just thought I should share this with you all. For some reason, God has enlightened me and woke me up with a positive spirit through all my hardships and I am so grateful for that (I just woke up from a late power nap).

I am very lucky to have a lot of good people in my life. You truly know the good people in your life when the hard times come and they are the only ones who come to pick you up without hesitation. There are so many people who I wouldn’t have even have dreamed would be a blessing to my family and our finances that surprised us. You never know who, in your life, will be there to bless you. No, we are not out of our bad financial situation, yet but, it could have been so much worse and no one could have tried to help us. For that reason, I am also grateful.

I am lucky to have parents who still take responsibility for me, financially, even though I’m twenty years old and with our financial situation. Some parents would have stopped by the time I reached the age of eighteen. I am grateful that they pay my rent or credit card bill even when I try to do it myself when I do have the money available to me.

All in all, I am just grateful for everything I have. Life could be a lot harder for me with no support or success but, it is not. I may not know where I am going in life but, I know that certain things happen for a reason to shape me into a person of character. For that I give God thanks and, I wanted to share this with my readers. Maybe it will help someone. As long as you have a Will, God will provide a way. Just keep on persevering because only God knows where you are supposed to be in the future.

Thanks for listening to my rant,


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Shika Tamaklo is a pharmacist who graduated from Mercer University (2020). She is a college lifestyle blogger who writes on fitness, health, life struggles, creative side hustles and, occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

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